(Dead) Sir Weston Gale Knight of the Steel Hammer

A dedicated Knight to Ra


Weston Stands at about 6’1, he has broad shoulders and weighs about 220 pounds, his long blond hair is often braided back and he grows a traditional long mustache.

Weston was the 5th son of the Gale mercenary family, a small family of some note, they had decided to garner favor with the church by donating their son. No malice was held by Weston on his part as he enjoyed growing up in the temple, and soon found the military academy he was sent to an enjoyable experience. Gale likes rules, and Law and enjoys it when things make sense, following orders of his commanders has always been something he excelled, and quickly he found he also had a knack for giving orders. Rising in the ranks of his class, he found things tended to come easy to him, this led him first to his friendship with Grimm, but has also had something to do with his arrogance, he knows that he will be a great hero, he knows that he will succeed in any endeavor he takes on, he knows that he is destined for greatness.

Currently holds the Knights Ranks of Sir


(Dead) Sir Weston Gale Knight of the Steel Hammer

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