The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Gathering storm

Though Auraus could not see them, he could feel the elementals all around him as he sat on a outcropping in the mountains.

’You have all decided to follow me, that is your choice. You offer me your service, unconditionally, know that I accept it. I also promise this to you and all others that wish to follow me in the future. That I will do what I can to protect you, to serve as a good master. To help you as you help me. To heal you when you are sick. To teach you what I know."

Prince Abdul-Hadi, standing behind the small group of elementals that had traveled from the Plane of Air, Wind, and Storms. Four small elemtanls Zephyr, Cumulis, Nimbus, and Rai’yo, floated in-front of him. The Prince looked on his small cousins with satisfaction. He did not know how many more would come, or if mortals would join his master’s legion, but one thing was sure… that they would all lay down their lives for this Prophet of Storms.

’For now each of you will be assigned a small duty, until I know full-well what you can do and what you inclinations are. I will also warn you all right now, you included good prince, that we are going up against legions from Hell. They will give no quarter to me or you. It will be the most dangerous outing that you have ever taken. For the most part, do not be seen, do not be heared. You all will be eyes and ears for me, as well as other things. I will also give you one command right now. This one is absolute, irrevocable, and forever. You will protect Nicola as you would protect me, if in the event that our lives look to be ending, you will save HER before me. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

With absolute unison, the elementals and the prince said. “Your will be done, her before you, your child before her.”

Auraus’s head snapped around, “Child?”



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