Town of Voren

Population: 648

The Town of Voren grew as a support site for the military fortress of Voren’s Rock on the Broken Shield Pass. The town is under military rule and currently overseen by Commandant Lassard and his second in command Sergeant Mahone.

The stronghold is able to garrison a full 1000 men plus full support staff and rations for 2 years. However during peace times it holds a current standing force of 200 men plus support staff.

For supplies, most locals and travelers alike use the military surplus and general goods store Grunts-n-Thugs.

Being a military town, the inn is a converted barracks which goes by the name of The Plank. It is run by Rudy & Ruby, two fraternal twins, and their respective families. The Plank does not have a bar, or sell alcohol, however across the street is a military bar by the name of RnR.

Across town is a bar frequented by the locals called The Hammer and the Fold.

Further attractions include Frederique’s Fine Liqueurs; a high end brewery and distillery. Around back it also boasts a small private lounge known as The Scholar.

Town of Voren

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