Town of Tud

Population: 450

Welcome to the town of Town of Tud. Population 450…or was that Number of Feet up the hill to get to the gate?

Tud is also located close to the Tomb of the legendary General Shokar.

Citizens of the Town of Tud include:
Mayor Junebeck – Mayor
Dargus “the hero” – Town Drunk
Desmond Junebeck – Cousin to the Mayor
Margo the Money Changer – Money Lender / Jeweler / Banker
Myca – Herbalist & Apothecary
Thistleback – Local Hunter/Trapper
Sir Geoffrey – Retired Knight and Captain of the Militia
One-Eye Luke – Innkeeper
Kerrigan – Youngest Member of the Town Militia / Hunter
Sheila – Adopted Daughter of Myca
Lily – Daughter of Myca
Nicola – Daughter of One-Eye Luke
Martin – Squire of Sir Geoffrey
Jimmy – Stable boy at Red Eye Tavern
Evan – Orphan dish boy at Red Eye Tavern

Local Businesses:
Red Eye Tavern

Town of Tud

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