Town of Bulvidu

Population: 709

Bulvidu is a relatively large river port town. It is ruled by Mayor Hasslehoff, an ex-river merchant of great wealth.

The largest and most luxurious inn and tavern is called the White Springs

The port of Bulvidu serves river traffic moving both up and downstream along the Coal River. Travelers wishing to go upstream can choose to pay a hefty passage fee. The other choice is the North Road. Carved into the mountains themselves, the narrow road is both longer and more dangerous. It is however free.

Travelers going south can expect reasonable river rates, and well maintained roads along the wa towards central P’Bapar.

North-East of Bulvidu is the Town of Eridu. Travel is easier when returning from Eridu by boat, however the roar is well maintained, and generally safe.

The town is oblong shaped (like a kidney), running along the river. At its longest (north south) it is approximately 800-1000 feet. The width from East – West is approximately 500 feet…..As for the river…look at the map on obsidian…runs south.

The buildings around the jail are mostly residential, with some commercial as well. Most of the buildings are 3 stories in the area, however unlike the homes, there are no adjacent buildings to the guard station. It is surrounded on all 4 sides by a 15’ wide street.

Of the buildings around the jail, approximately 75 % are 3 stories with the others as two. You know of no buildings which would obviously explode too close by. However close by is the apothecary, and about 1.5 blocks there is a distillery.

Guard posts on the walls are separated by 50 feet, armed with either a catapult or balista, and manned by 2-6 men. The walls have catapults at all 4 corners, with extra Batistas built along the harbor. It is not known if they can be move or rotated.

The temple is almost in the centre of town. On one side of is the White Springs. Near to it is the town Alchemist who lives above his shop. And at south of the shop is the guards training hall.

Notable, Npcs…there is an alchemist, and apothecary, regular compliment of crafts people. The guard training arms master is a retired hero (lost 1 arm 25 yrs ago when he was 50). 2.5 miles South of the town is a wizard’s tower (owner unknown to party). North East in the mountains 1 day out is a famous monster hunter. Near the docks is a chapter house of the Explorers Guild. Its not known who is currently in residence there, however the Guild has numerous adventurer members of some note. Along the south wall is a Shrine to Damie. The priest there may still be alive. The inn had a magician who performed some evenings. He mostly does small tricks to entertain the crowd and pay for his room.

Town of Bulvidu

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