Black Sword


Retrieved from the fallen Huntress, this adamanitine elven curved blade was claimed by Auraus Kal’tha’mar as the spoils of victory.

Little is yet known about its properties as t seems to resist study, however it is extraordinarily sharp, and gives strength to its wielder. Auraus believes he has felt a powerful will within the sword; one which seems to desire death. However as its true name remains unclear, it will be difficult to resist the will of the blade..

Ego: 22

+2 strength
+3 keen adamantine elven curve blade

Empathy (can’t speak)

Item Powers:

Last Gasp: 2nd lvl spell */day = (DeathKnell activates on every cou’de gras action) – May only be used against sentient beings (intelligence score higher than 3)

Dark Wind: 4th lvl spell 3/day = phantasmal killer) – each use only activates after Last Gasp ability is used.

Item Purpose:
Kill sentient creatures – Has no care for race, alignment, age, gender, etc…

Dedicated Power:

Deathwalker: 7th lvl spell = (ethereal jaunt @ character level) – each use activates after every 7 Last Gasp ability uses. Also for the duration of the spell, the Black Sword gains the Ghost Touch ability.

Black Sword

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