The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Journal 002

Gale’s Log

I write this to while away the time as Master Grimm, studiously counts the coinage found here in this Hell Hole of a tomb… but I am ahead of myself, so let me go back.

After our encounter with the earth denizen it we decided it best to return to Tud (I know that doesn’t sound like anything that involves the word best, but bare with me). Here the folk rose up and tried to greet us as heroes. We made our way back to the Inn for a much needed wash and rest. The Inn was a glow and busy that night as performers from out of town began to play, a dancer of some small skill began the evening, accompanied by the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

Her eyes, glow with an intensity that burns hotter than a dragons fire, Her gait is elegant and strong, her songs are clever and witty, and her laughter rings like the purest notes… her name is Yasmin, and I am smitten.

constantly her performance was interrupted by the local drunkard, and I paid good coin just to hear her golden voice sing once more, coin very well spent.

I was saddened when she rebuffed my initial advances, but as my masters often taught, it is not about the destination, but the journey.

upon entering my room I discovered that it had been ransacked, nothing appeared to be missing, but speaking with my companions it quickly became apparent that they had suffered a similar fate, someone wish to see the level of success the general tomb had brought us. I did not sleep well that night, knowing how easily someone had entered certainly keeps your nerves on edge.

Over breakfast we consulted with the bards, Yasmin sat beside me, and we spoke of the General’s tomb and our quest.Jermailyn, the dancer, told us she had some skills as a treasure hunter, and knew of traps and hidden doors, she could be of great use to us on our journey, and I will selfishly admit, that the odds of Yasmin coming improved if her companion were to join us. Master Grimm quickly drew up contracts for our new members, and once the paper work was signed and notarised, we resupplied and were off.

over the next few days a series of things happened that I will speak of here. Jermailyn is an interesting girl, one that bares watching, usually anyone with a treasure hunter title bares a little extra watching, but my concerns deepened when Master Grimm and Master Kal-tha-Mar informed me that her Raven companion speaks in the language of devils, nothing good can ever be spoken in a language of the lower planes. Although neither she nor the bird radiate evil, It makes me curious where one learns such a foul tongue. It may be worth noting that she has some skill with magic, what type of magic, or how it is used, or whether it is her, or just an item, I cannot be sure, as I was greatly distracted at the time of casting, and have not had the opportunity to question her privately since.

I should continue with my tale, as I can see Master Grimm nears the end of his task.

We arrived back at the tomb and quickly stabled the ass in the tombs lobby; I hope the creature is safe there, as there are known to be goblins in the area. True to her word Jermailyn was indeed skilled with the finding of hidden things, and although it took some doing, hidden passages were quickly found.

Areas of note would be
- A Well that was inscribed in the devil language with the word “life”
- An alter to a Devil God, with a metal snack within it, Tracy was quick to dispatch this creature
- A dangerous hallway with boulders that dropped and attempted to crush us
- A long narrow hallway with undead in the traipsing’s of the General

The undead had some skill in combat and it was a hard fought fight, I fear that the darkness may have overtaken us had it not be for the discipline in arms that my companions proudly adhered to, and the light of sweet sweet Yasmins voice, which caused our hearts to soar and our weapons to strike true, she is truly a wonder….

Due to the skills of Jermailyn we were afforded some small measure of rest and safety before continuing forth. A strict watch was kept throughout the night and the next day we prepared to travel onwards. In the night Jermailyn told us that her Raven spoke with a rat in the devil tongue, the rat spoke of a large flying creature with lighting that would face us with the dawn… the strangeness of the encounter holds true as I read what I have written… who, or what is this rat? Why did it aid us? is it a trap? the question in and of themselves were irrelevant, the rat was long gone, and there was nowhere to go but forward… we proceeded into a room which held a large tomb… a tapestry of the blood wars marked the grave… not a good omen.

As I approached the Alter a great mist began to form, and take the shape of a denizen of Air. As taught I did not give the creature time to catch its baring’s, if it took flight above us it could rain devastation upone us without mercy. Tracy lept into action as Master Grimm again began to summon the arcane powers of old and release the energies of the universe upon or attacker. Yasmin’s voice lifted our hearts once more, and her arrows peppered the creature as our stalwart friend Master Kal-tha-mar rallied our party with healing magics. Jermailyn began to fire her bow at the creature as well, and with a great deal of trouble we managed to subdue it.

The casket held no banner

The casket held no body

The casket held only treasure

Something is amiss here, I do not like it

My companions seem blinded by the prospects of treasure that they do not see what is so wrong about the situation.

We have a few minor passageways left to search, but as I see it, there are more than a few unanswered questions about this general, and I question if he is truly a Knight, whose honour deserved to be carried forth, the evidence thus far suggestion a fate much darker for the General of Tud.

Ah, Master Grimm is finished his task, I will continue this log the next time I am able

In Ra’s Divine Light
Weston Gale

Of Mice and Birds

The full moon shone brightly down on an empty hilltop clearing. In the moonlight, the scurrying motions of the mice in the grass suddenly ceased, the small forms holding still to keep hidden from the predator they sensed. Moments later, casting a faint shadow even at midnight, an owl lazily circled above, hungry for its diner. A dozen mice, and even a small rabbit, held perfectly still, hoping against hope to not be the first spotted. Abruptly the owl shrieked and dove sharply towards the ground, its descent to be the end of one of them. Strangely, the owl took none of them, but instead continued accelerating its flight until it was abruptly ended by impact with the ground. As the scent of blood slowly filled the air, the hidden observers cowered slightly in terror, but remains still and silent, somehow sensing that their survival depended on their ability to remain undetected.

“Pesky things,” said a hooded figure as he stepped into sight from the edge of the wood. As he tucked a small hand cross bow back under his clock, he added “you never know if they’re spying for someone or not.” He stopped in the center of the clearing, and pulled his hood back to reveal a carved wooden bird mask disguising his features. He called softly into the darkness, “where are you little ones? Show yourselves, I can feel your presence.”

As he spoke, faint streams of power enhanced his voice, and abruptly he was not alone in the clearing. A circle had silently formed around him, it was comprised of a half-dozen small child sized forms, each hooded and indistinguishable from its neighbor. “Birdman, we have come as ordered,” said one as the others nodded in agreement.

Under his mask, the master wrinkled his nose against the stench of the creatures before him. As useful as they were, they disgusted him none the less. “The signs are clear, the prophecy nears its time. In preparation our agents have already acquired the noble blood, and recent word indicates that as promised, men of purity and goodness have opened the tomb. I want you to make sure they have what we need, and then dispose of them, they’ve served their purpose.”
The hooded ones before him said nothing, but silently melted into the darkness and were gone. The Birdman adjusted his mask, and pulled his hood back up over his head, and prepared to make the long walk back to “his home,” he had plans to make, and others to implement.

Journal 001
The Tomb of Tombliness

Gale’s Log

As leader of the party, from hence forth known as Grimm Gale & Co. I have decided that it would be prudent to keep a log of our journeys, I believe that later when I am recognised as a Hero and Champion this will be a useful tool for other to attempt to identify with me and further inspire them to follow in my path to greatness.

Our tale begins in Tud, a town of no significance, I have been taught not to speak ill of someone or something and so I will just say that there is no reason to ever visit Tud lest you enjoy the smell of…

Anyways, it was here that Masters Grimm and Kay’tha’mar (our resident cripple), joined me in speaking with the Mayor. The Mayor, wowed by our mere presence, requested us to quest forth and find the banner of a lost general in order to bring him to greater honour. Seeing that the Mayor was a kindly man, and that this may allow the people of Tud a spec of light in their otherwise meaningless lives, we agreed to take up the task.

I was going to hire a page to aid with the horses on the journey, but seeing the quality of the local help it was decided that Arthur and Finigin would do better in the stables for a few days. Our guide was a bear of a man, and one who knew his trade well, although not a fantastic conversationalist he certainly was capable of navigating the treacherous game trails.

On our first night we were set upon by vermin, vermin of the goblin persuasion ( I would like to note that it was on Master Grimm’s watch that we were “surprised”) It took only a few moments for Tracy and I to lay waste to the small raiding party, and I should note that my respect for our blind handicapped companion, Master Kay’Tha’Mar did increase as he dispatched several of the vermin without aid. Ra was certainly guiding his blade that night. I am also pleased to report that with the assist from Master Grimm, Matilda and I were able to make a crack shot on one of the fleeing filth ridden rodents, dropped it at 87 paces though the darkness and rough terrain, and remarkable shot by all accounts.

Our journey continued from then without further interruption. It was not a few days later when we arrived at what was assuredly the Tomb of the General. Sadly this is where our guide injured himself, and so with the aid of our cripple he was escorted back to relative safety. Master Grimm and I entered carefully, keeping keen eyes for traps or vermin who may have taken up occupation of the Tomb, we had thought the location all be silent when we happened upon a room with an over full well.

Then it was upon us, the very earth itself rose from the ground and attacked Master Grimm. Remembering his battle training I am proud to say my companion did not run but boldly summoned the mysteries of the great arcana and bent the laws of physics to do his bidding. Fire, Energy and Acid emerged from my companions’ death dealing hands as Tracy rained down a half hundred blows and chiselled and chipped away at the earthen denizen . The creature did not balk, and continued to rain down pain and agony with each of its mighty attacks. It was here I thought I was finished, for as Tracy scored what I thought to be a finishing blow, the creature endured further and all went to blackness. If it weren’t for Ra’s luck and Master Grimm’s timely intervention that may have been the end of my tale, but the Good Sorcerer slew the foul beast and ss any true friend would he saw to my wounds and arranged a camp for us, it is here where I came to once more and have chosen to take these moments to write this entry.

Currently we plan a day or so rest and then retrieving our third companion to continue our quest for the Generals Banner

In my own hand,

Weston Gale of the Shining Hammer

The Beginning

Yellow light flickered around the room in a maddening kaleidoscope of twisting shapes and colour. It shone seemingly without a source from within a large yellow crystal which hung suspended in the middle of a large chamber. “How long has it been doing this?” asked the High Priestess.

The acolyte before her, swallowed nervously before replying “since you retired for bed last night mistress” she replied. “We didn’t want to wake you.”

The High Priestess’ eye flashed with anger. “I should have been informed immediately, regardless of the time.” She observed the trembling acolyte before her, almost on the floor in apology, and softened her tone. “You didn’t know child, you should have been told, so this is not your fault. Now quickly girl, get on your feet and gather the council quickly as you can. The time of the prophecy is almost upon us, and there is much yet to do.”


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