The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

New Crew

Tim’Bob grimaced at the splashing of sewage over his shoes as he followed the Captain and his crew through the sewers of Bulvidu, and towards the harbor. If all went well, they would soon be able to liberate their ship The Grunkin, and have weapons and escape; should it become necessary. It wasn’t that Tim’Bob was afraid to die, in the past few days he had learned of fates worse than death, he was just smart enough to be glad of an option out…just in case.

They reached the end of the pipe, and waited while the half-orc crew mate Fluffy went to work on the iron bars covering the end. While they waited, the Captain turned to Tim’Bob and Gregathy, “once we’re out of the pipe, slip into the river, and let it carry you downstream away from the town.” He looked at the confusion on their faces, then continued, “sometimes its best to avoid the dock fees, if you know what I mean. The Grunkin is anchored downstream about a 15 min walk out of town. Keep low in the water until we’re past sight of the harbor, then swim hard.” He abruptly ceased talking as the iron grate clattered to the floor.

Fluffy shrugged in apology as the rest of the men climbed past him, and quietly slipped in to the water. They floated as still and quietly as possible until they cleared the sight of the “dock workers,” and then swam hard for the bank, and cove which concealed the ship.

When they finally saw their destination, Tim’Bob’s eye opened wide, and Gregathy gasped, then choked, “is that?”

“She sure is; ain’t she grand?” asked theCaptain. “Welcome crewmen to the Grunkin.”

The two new shipmates, looked at each other, still unable to speak.

The pen is mightier?

Menelaus had gone and peered through the cracks in the boarded up window when the explosion had happened. He watched as a twisting column of flame burst from the roof of the church, and up into the night sky. Moments later men came boiling out onto the street in confusion. Most had not seen the flame, and it took them some time before then converged on the church like ants on an apple core. They raced around a bunch, and carried a few bodies outside. Other then that they seemed vaguely confused. Menelaushad laughed slightly when they began a door to door search of the town, searching for somebody or other. He stopped laughing though when he noticed that amongst the “leaders” of the town, were at least two devils in disguise. He was able to recognize this due to the gift of his sight; which after years of practice, could penetrate minor illusions. He continued to watch as the devils directed the search. Abruptly, they snapped to attention, and ceased their commands. Fortunately for his viewpoint, the devils were standing in the town square directly across from his prison, and he was able to see as their commander arrived.

The Erinyes devil was terrible to beheld indeed. She arrived from the night sky, black against black, yet surrounded in a wreath of hellfire. The feathers from her wings appeared angular and sharp, and her face, framed in dark hair, was a twisted parody of beauty. She was armed with a great flaming bow in hand, a coiled rope of fire on her hip, and the hilt of a large curved blade protruded from over her right shoulder.

She began to speak in a dark infernal language to the two, make that three devils who stood before her. Menelaus was unsure when it had arrived, however a small imp now stood before the two larger bearded devils. The tiny devil bowed gracefully before responding to the Erinyesin that same corrupt language. The 4 devils conversed briefly, before departing, each to their own apparent task. In short order the streets were clear, and the town by all appearances was empty.

Now that was interesting, he thought to himself, I really must expand my understanding of languages though, it would have been good to understand their conversation. Menelaus then turned his attention to the room that held him. The fool cultists had “imprisoned” him in the personal study of the mayor. Presumably this was because the heavy oak door would “hold him.” They has also hastily nailed several boards over the large windows, also presumably to keep him locked up. Menelaus shook his head; even at his old age, the door wouldn’t be much more than a few moments of effort. Yet even that would not be necessary, as the idiots had nailed the boards up on the inside of the window frames.

Secure in the knowledge that he could escape at will if he so chose, Menelaus chose to remain in the temporary safety of his prison, and learn what he was able. He looked about at the walls of books that lined the Mayor’s study. This should do nicely, he thought to himself, as he pulled a book from the shelf, and settled his bulk into a chair that was never really meant for one of his size, and began to read.

Family comes First

High General Chode looked at his map and frowned; his mission was to the East through Eridu and over to Voren. Yet he could not avoid the necessity of “passing through” Bulvidu. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the town, if anything, its position on the Coal River gave it a beautiful view, and a highly strategic location. Unfortunately it was also the home of his brother in-law Greggor Hasslehoff. Chode knew Greggorback from his days in the Fuwido Military Academy. That wasn’t to say that they attended together, rather that Greggor was the son of a wealthy merchant, and was able to buy his way into all the noble social functions. It was there that he had met Chode’s youngest sister Perenial, and over time bought her love and affection. Despite the eventual marriage, Chode never felt affection (or even respect) to the man who entered his family.

Chode sighed to himself. There was no way he could pass so close to the town and not visit his sister. He knew that if he put it off until his return trip, something would likely come up. Yet to go now would add almost a week to his trip…almost a week with Greggorjoy

Chode signaled to the leader of his escort, “send two men ahead to alert my ”/campaigns/the-chronicles-of-grimmgale-co/characters/perenial" class=“wiki-content-link”>sisterto our arrival. We should be there in one to two days at the most. Then send half our men ahead to Voren. We might as well reinforce them against the giants in case things have gotten rough with that festival." His man saluted crisply, then turned on his heel and began issuing the orders which would send 50 men onwards toward the mission. The other 48 would remain with the General as his honor guard, it was unlikely that he would need more until he returned to deal with the giants.

Here Lies Sir Weston Gale

Tombstone sir westen gale

Woman weeping

I’ll always miss you but I’ve let you go,
In my broken heart I’ll always keep you so,
We shared a special night before you died,
A night that helped me dry the tears I’ve cried,
You’ve healed me from your cloud above,
I can’t see you now but I’ll always feel your love,
The hardest thing was “never ever”,
But the memories I have will last forever,
I will never forget your sacrifice
But I wish it didn’t have to come at that price.
So sleep peacefully my heroic knight,
Even with you gone, we will continue the fight.

By Yasmin Sybilla Fell

What Was and What could be

Prince Abdul-Hadi looked from the vantage of the scrying winds, keeping an eye on the elf that had freed him. Despite what they had said the last time that they encountered each other, the Prince did not believe that he had fully repaid his debt to Auraus Kal’tha’mar. He had improved the elfs sword to replace the scimitar which he had returned to the Prince. But he still had not repaid his debt for freeing him from that imprisonment. He would have to do something about that.

The elf’s group was no longer complete. Two of its members had either died or left for whatever reason. The prince continued to look on, he had watched as the group had traveled up the river met the Smith, though the Abdul had kept away at that point. Getting involved with the Celestial types usually was unwise, they had their own plans.

He had watched the capture and banishment of the one known as Mr. Mestophilies though Abdul-Hadi suspected that the banishment had almost been a part of Imps plan. That would have to be watched.

When the Huntress, that vile, sickening, evil, disgusting (this description goes on for a while)…devil, the one that had imprisoned and corrupted a phoenix to darkness, (Phoenix, being one of the few creature that the Lords or Air and Fire agree on.) had attacked the boat Auraus and his companions where on Abdul-Hadi had managed to ‘assist’ the elf by using a stray mountain wind to blow the elf and a few of the sailors overboard.

He had sent small winds to guide the elf and the survivors back to the Town of Bulvidu. The elf had at taken to the roofs after making sure that the survivors were taken care of or found other employment. ‘Auraus Kal’tha’mar, is turning into a worthy individual’ Abdul-Hadi had thought at the time.

Prince Abdul-Hadi watched as the Town of Bulvidu, was taken over.

Auraus blind as he was could do little at this point. He could see nothing beyond the edges of the temple. He had heard the screams from below but knew that he could do little but get himself killed. This bothered him. Lately he had been feeling something brewing inside him, some deep-seated rage, something that came from the air, but not. It reminded him not of the winds and the harshness that they could bring, but of Storm Winds. Winds and been had started whipping around him whenever he had started to get angry and he could feel those Winds inside him growing when that happened.
All of a sudden he heard something down in the Church. Quickly he gathered his belongings, and headed down the stairs, letting the winds take his image as he descended.

Prince Abdul-Hadi watched with intent as Auraus went down the stairs. Auraus had not been the only own to feel the Storm Winds, within the elf. Prince Abdul-Hadi watched, ‘No, do not let the rage control you my friend” he though. As he watched the battle in the Church progress he saw the Storm Winds blow from Auraus, and Prince Abdul-Hadi felt something that he had not since his birth, the hand of Mother Storm.

“Be at peace, my young friend” Prince Abdul-Hadi heard a voice behind him and what felt like a hand on his shoulder.

The Prince turned and saw Father Wind behind him. ‘But Father…”

“Mother Storm and I have plans for this one, and this is part of it. If nothing interferes he will become our prophet, and blow the stain of Hell from the plane.”

Vision of Death and Destruction

Auraus Kal’tha’mar sat on the roof of the church he had been up here for some time. He wondered a little why he was up here. He had no idea where is companions where. He remembered jumping into the river and guiding the remainder of the crew from the boat back to the town. After that he needed time to think. As he always seemed to do, he found the highest place in town, the roof of the church of Ra, he had not wanted to disturb any of the priests so he let the winds hide him. As he arrived of the stairs leading up he felt something from below… an old sleeping evil. Guarded. Warded. Protected by a…hidden light… well it was not something that he had to worry about right now. Soon though maybe.

Auraus set him self up on the roof outside of the bells but away from them incase someone came up. He settled down, breathed in, and out, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Concentrating on his breathing Auraus tired to calm himself. Lately he had felt something brewing inside of him, a rage, not one that was particularly worrisome, he sensed, but something similar to the rage of a storm at sea, or lightning in a mountain storm, the crack of wind in a blizzard. Something that was natural and necessary. Auraus sat and after looking at this storm inside of himself, he found the eye of the storm.

He was so deep into his meditation that he did not feel the oncoming of a prophetic vision.

Auraus stared at the carnage in the town. He had been at the gatehouse trying to make sure that it could not be opened. He had seen a silver dragon rush overhead in the direction of the jail where his friends had been trying to breakout the Guards. The group had been hoping that if they can get the Guards free they could re-take the town. He had arrived not long ago to assist them. An airship with adventures had arrived to assist in the jailbreak. They had been repelling down ropes, dropping bombs, but things had gone badly, more mercenaries and hell hounds kept showing up. He has seen the dragon take down by a javelin throw by a mercenary captain that had been on a rooftop. Jarmailyn had been taken down by a pack of hell hounds. Yasmin he had seen the life drained out of her by some book that had been floating in the air. The mercenary that had been helping them, had been in a fighting retreat, her crossbow firing and hitting amazingly with every shot. Until a giant of a cultist came around a corner behind her and took her head with one swipe of his sword. Auraus looked on, he same the huntress return and start slaughtering the entire city. He saw a minator, charging group after group of enemies, eventually taken down. He saw the Airship crash and burn. The crew burning. Everyone died. And then they came for him…..


Auraus looked at the vision again and again, and every time that he they all died in even more horrific ways. Finally he sat down in the middle of the city, in the dream, and let things play out with out him. He saw the dragon fly overhead, and waited to hear the starts of the death screams. For the body parts to start flying.

He felt a shadow cross above him, he looked up and felt the passing of the Airship and heard the dragon’s wings as they escaped.

“sometime the way to solve a problem is to let work itself out.”

Auraus came back to himself on the roof of the church. He would have to remember, despite how much he may want to help them, they would have to work it out by themselves.

Once again, I have to do everything

So when to the dumb human town, the one where everything is too big, and all the guards are jerks, and people are just plain rude… well guess what, nothing has changed here.

So I get there and get hassled for a good long while “You can’t bring a monster in the town” and I tries to tell him that Gieko isn’t a monster, but dose the guard listen? NO he just keep repeating himself in the dumb human language

so I ask him “Who amongst us is more qualified to identify a monster… me, a druid and clever dwarf… or you, a big fat jerk in a thick stupid looking iron helmet”

can you believe I had to walk all the way around to the other gate… the jerk wouldn’t let us in… Anyways we finally get in, and we head over to an Inn. Then the damn inn keep gives me a hard time about keeping Gieko in my room… he wanted him kept with the horse flesh… some people are truly stupid.

so we hear a bunch of noise across the road at the ‘church’ wasn’t a real church anyway, just one of them dumb human gods… inside we find a bunch of people attacking a bunch of people, and two devils going at it.

looked like all crap was breaking loose, but this one guy was trying to beat down this half orc chick… what can I say, I took pity on her, being a girl she probably wasn’t going to be able to fight to well, and being a half orc, well that meant she’d probably end up just throwing herself of the guys sword… being the upstanding fellow I was, I interceded running my spear through him in good old dwarven fashion.

After the fellow gets himself killed I get a good look at the girl, half orc and ugly do tend to travel hand in hand… way to live up to the stereotype, anyway she natters on about having to save the mayor and yadda yadda yadda, so off we go… into the other room BAM BAM drop two more of those suckers right quick.

after all them fellows are killed, everyone there starts freaking out… the guards are all bad guys (duh, i could have told them that)… the mayor is in trouble, we have to run/hide/run and hide" so we run across the road to the Inn and Gieko drops two more guards… after that we go and hide our way into the basement.

So this little red head, bit of a looker she starts yammering on about Gale this, and Devils that, and circus this, and Jermailyn that, my god, you could not get her to stop.

Then we get the Mayor guy who is all like “I’m so incompetent I can’t run my own city, and I will trust a bunch of strangers to save it, and if you do I will give you money, that you could take anyway if you free the city, but assuming you don’t take it I will give you some… and oh by the way we need to free my useless guards who got captured way too easily and the general is coming so we should probably save him… oh and if you get the chance there may have been something important in the church so go check it out”

Can you believe this guy? What a piece of work, and worst yet everyone else is lapping this ship up like it all makes perfect sense.

So then we decide to burrow through to the church from here… and who is expected to do it… that’s right me, just cause I’m a dwarf… bunch of racists.

anyway, now we are walking through a crypt looking for an artefact that we have no idea what it looks like or what it does, to save a people and restore an incompetent mayor

… ya, that’s how my day is going… so bud out…

Underworld Gladiatorial Arenas

Sir westen gale and yasmin in underworld arena

Sir Westen Gale fighting bravely in the arena with the performing assistance of Yasmin Sybilla Fell.

A Dark and Stormy Night

Due to the dangers of river navigation at night, it was customary for the boat to stop each evening as the sun went down. Today, the boat and all aboard were fortunate both to abide by the policy, and to have found a sheltered cove in which to rest. For as heavily loaded as they were, the storm which blew in after dark would have wrecked them for sure if they had been river bound. The boat was tied securely, and protected in the sheltered cove, so there was nothing much for the crew and passengers to do but wait it out.

Captain Morgan stood on the deck, protected from the pouring rain by the overhanging roof of the paddle house. He watched as the paladinmoved among the horses on the deck; checking lines, and spreading warm blankets over the beasts to keep them warm. From the cramped below decks, the sounds of music and laughter echoed from the ship. One of the adventurers was a minstrel of some skill, and her playing had both crew and passengers alike in good spirits. He smiled, this was a good night.

The Captain’s good mood was abruptly shattered as the echo of hellish baying carried faintly through the sound of the rain. “An ill omen that” he muttered under his breath.

The voice suddenly behind him caught him by surprise. “Worse than that good Captain.” It was the paladin; who knew he could move so quietly. “I regret to inform you that I believe your ship is about to come under attack. It would be wise to wait with your men below decks out of harms way. We’ll take care of this.” For a moment the Captain stared blankly at the knight before him; then as the terrible sound echoed again through the storm, he snapped into action and bolted down the ladder into the hold. From behind him, the voice of Sir Weston Gale shouted out, “Comrades to arms! let us crush the minions of Hell beneath our hammers!.”


Mr Mestophilies stepped from the Gates of Hell into its first level, the burning wasteland of Avernus. He took wing quickly to avoid being jostled by the continuous stream of dammed souls entering into their own eternity of torment. He was careful not to fly so high as to attract attention, “no, it simply won’t do to announce my homecoming just yet” he muttered to himself. To this end, he slipped off his new hat. Mestophilies was particularly it had made the journey with him. Had the had not been product of a contract, it would have been lost when he traveled. It had been a pitifully tiny contract, but it was a start. He allowed a small grin, it wasn’t all bad. Besides, everybody knew that even great things had to grow from small beginnings. Looking down as he flew, his cruel smile grew slightly larger. Below, long lines of souls walked across never cooling lava flows towards the auction blocks. They staggered onward, driven by the barbed whips of devils. Here and there, the lava crust broke, dropping several dozen of the beasts into the lava below to serve as screaming bridges or torment for their fellows. Mestophilies let out a small chuckle, and pressed forwards, he still had a long way to travel. Flying was slow, and he could have teleported, however using his powers would alert others to his return…others whom he would rather not yet bid him welcome. He shuddered slightly, it was nice to be home again.

As he crossed the vast wilderness of Avernus, his destination slowly came into sight, growing light a mountain seen from several days away. Even from this distance, the Second Layer of Hell; the City of Dis was huge. Its towers he knew, stretched upwards for miles, and were decorated with souls impaled on spikes, or residing in gibbets for all time. It was home to most of the citizens of Hell, and also served as a mercantile hub and way station for those few travelers able to come and go as they pleased. It was here he chose to reside, its tangled streets, and population making it the perfect hiding place for his lair.

As he traveled, Mestophilies thought back on his recent time on the Prime Material. He cursed his stupidity for allowing that angel to discover his presence. It was sloppy, but he hadn’t expected that little gem of a surprise. He cursed again, even more stupid to have been taken down by a blind-mans thrown net. After a few minutes of profanity, his temper returned to his control. It was probably for the best that he had returned when he did. Granted, this method of return made some of his plans more difficult. But the fact remained, if he had remained on the Prime much longer, he would have been forced to either undergo his change, or abandon a century worth of accumulated power. Now that he was home, he would be able to add its transforming power to his hidden reservoir.

For lack of a better word, Mestophilies had been blessed when he discovered the long lost text of a great Devil Mage. It had revealed to him a profound secret: As a devil accumulates power, and eventually is able to undergo a metamorphosis into a higher form. This first part is common knowledge among devils, who understand it well, and often eliminate the smaller ones before they can change and provide a potential rival. The secret, he grinned, had been lost for likely thousands of years, long enough that not even the greatest devils remembered. It stated that the amount of power required to advance one step to the next increased greatly as one progressed. This makes survival to high ranks, and over a long period of time, a difficult endeavor indeed. Yet the book detailed instructions for siphoning off and storing this energy. This procedure had the duel effect of keeping one at a low power level until enough energy could be collected to jump several evolutionary steps forwards in a single bound. Mestophilies had everything set up in a well hidden location, his “peers” had not yet noticed that in over 1000 years, he had not advanced even once, and he planned on keeping it that way as long as possible.

Approaching the City of Dis, Mestophilies used just enough power to fly through the gates unseen. Once inside, he settled his hat carefully upon his head, and made swift travel to his lair. Now that he had lost his easy access to the Prime, his plans would be more difficult but not impossible. Anyway, even from Hell, he still might be able to make use of those adventurers. His thoughts continued as he made a careful approach, and unseen entry to his home. After making sure it was un-touched and safe, he settled to rest. His ritual would take a lot out of him, and it would be best to be prepared before attempting it. As he rested he thought of how best to make use of those fine shinny tools he had left behind on the Prime:

The problem with the Paladin, is that he’s too rigged in his sense of good and justice to use easily. However if careful manipulation can be used, he could likely lead a large number of men into battle. Also his still as a warrior is definitely of note…Perhaps worth using against a rival…

The Sorcereris definitely useful, as his ambitions of power, and arrogance had already led him into dealing with dragons, devils, and who knows what else soon…If he survives to wield any significant power, he might be tapped to complete to final stages of the ritual.

Of all the party, the Oraclemight prove the most difficult to use. It would depend on how his powers develop. He has shown a tentative willingness to make use of power when it suits, but may possess some protection against corruption of the soul.

The Thiefis interesting; there wasn’t much time to investigate fully, but even he could see the touch of one of the Great Ones on her soul. Whatever had happened there was likely, and very likely would be very interesting. Now that he had returned to Hell, he would be able to identify the owner of that mark, and turn the information to profit.

Possibly the most interesting of the group was the Bard. If he wasn’t mistaken, she was descended of old blood. He had felt the power flow through her veins as she played her music. He knew for certain, that this one had the potential to become a Chronicler, possibly one of the greatest the world had ever seen. Mestophilies knew the rarity, and value in identifying one such as this before her powers truly develop. He grinned, he knew just the thing. If she could be put to use, and the Sorcerer made to assist, he would be able to complete his ritual almost 100 years ahead of schedule.

Mestophilies smiled in his sleep, a rare event for a devil, and truly horrifying to behold.


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