The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - March 4th

We collect loot from the battle
Debate whether to hire captain, crew & Grunkin for next 2 months, and do we do this with gold or with the nifty portable hole we just acquired? (my vote—keep the hole, we can always make more money)
Auraus heals Luxcentorum from intelligence damage he took during battle
I climb onto bookcase to watch over where Headmaster is still opening vault, to keep watch for anything else nasty that may come by
Spell finishes, Jermailyn, Yasmin & Auraus to thru portal after head librarian
Luxcentorum & Fluffy (dammit!) decide to keep watch with me—Fluffy even manages to not incur my wrath while doing so
5 hours later, rest of party emerges (time moves differently inside vault, for them it was just a few minutes)
They tell us the research they’ve requested can carry on while we rest, eat & get healed
Speaking of getting healed, Jermailyn is reminded we should get checked out to see if we have something called ‘devil chills’ you can get from bearded devils
Sounds unpleasant, so I head out of library to go get checked out at Healing House
As I am making my way out of the University, I see a girl who is using illusion to appear as a young female student, but is, in fact, and undead female with fangs of some kind
She is across the courtyard from where I am… but I jog over to the hallway where she ducked down & don’t see her—I see a bit of movement, but decide to leave this be for now
I get to the Healing House, find out I DO have devil chills & I get them removed
I get back to library, go to dining hall where I meet rest of party & eat
During dinner I’m told what price captain wants to hire Grunkin for the two months. Even at 15,000gp I still want to keep the portable hole… plus we can sell extra armour & items we won’t be using from our battle spoils. We start looking into how much we can get for all the loot
Also during dinner, a messenger comes by to bring us a message from a guy named Thaddeus Grimm—my companions explain who he is & why he’s sending messages. Sounds to me like he’s proud of us, wants to know what he have found out & to be notified once we know more as he’s mobilizing troops to the big bad door once we know where it is. Don’t know what I think of his whole “keep doing good deeds in my name” thing he mentions… I mean, I’ve never met him!!
Griffin joins us for dinner & explains he’s sold his violent Hyena now that it’s ‘trained’. When I ask who he sold it to, he says “some random merchant who wanted a warehouse guarded”. He doesn’t seem alarmed that he may have just sold this ravenous beastie to someone posing as a merchant, who is, in fact, an enemy of ours. In fact, the rest of my party tell me I’m paranoid. It’s kept me alive, and I trust my instincts, so to try to explain why I’m so concerned, I tell everyone about the zombie girl with fangs
This alarms the students around me & Yasmin has to calm the crowd
We debate a bit more about money, loot & hiring the airship
Young man comes up to us, asks to speak to Jermailyn. (I mean, none of the rest of us could be interesting, right? Men are so predictable)
I head to my room, disgusted by the whole scene
Not much later, the party & I all get messages in our respective rooms. The headmaster would like to meet with us after breakfast & we are informed there will be a banquet in our honour day after tomorrow to celebrate our saving the Library (nice!)
Rest of the evening passes without incident, which is a nice change of pace as of late
* * * * * *
In the morning, Jermailyn & Yasmin tell Auraus & myself they have a journal that used to belong to the Traveller. It’s sentient & may or may not be able to transmit what we are saying & our current location to the big bad General. Jermailyn puts said journal into the portable hole for now until we can decide what to do with it
While heading down to breakfast, I ask Jermailyn what the kid last night wanted to discuss with her… she tells me he wants to be a kind of unpaid intern to gain experience with his spell casting. It’s not me he wants to apprentice with, but I still think the kid has a death wish… just sayin’
While eating breakfast we get yet another message. This one arrived with the royal seal saying we have come to the King’s attention & we are invited to be thanked personally for our heroic deeds when next we are in the capital city
(well, aren’t we just moving up in the world)
After breakfast we go to the Headmaster’s office for our meeting he requested, where we are stopped by his Chamberlain before we can go in
The chamberlain asks us for the names of the crew on the Grunkin so they can invite them to our celebration dinner; offers a tailor to outfit all of us for said dinner; then there is a moment where the Chamberlain tries to delicately mention that weapons of any kind are frowned upon during formal occasions (while glancing at me); he also mentions that our suites have been upgraded to the royal wing as part of the University’s Thanks
Once again, I was thinking we are sure moving up—this time literally!
Once inside the Headmaster’s office, he greets us, explains how tomorrow evening will proceed, that there will be a presentation of gold to us (crowd pleaser), and that he has gifts for each of us personally now that we are in private
• Yasmin receives several lovely items & seems quite pleased & giddy with them all—and quite excited to start using her harp
• Auraus receives several items & appears quite grateful & humbled- not to mention quite snazzy in his new circlet
• Jermailyn is delighted with all she receives, and apparently gets to choose some scrolls to take with her when she goes (cuz what she needed was MORE research topics)
• I become the owner of a large, fine, enchanted heavy crossbow and a very special bolt case. Inside this bolt case is a gnome in a small workshop that WILL CRAFT ME A BOLT OF ANY TYPE, WHENEVER I WISH. He will also store bolts for me & has an UNLIMITED supply of regular bolts. Amazing… simply amazing

After many, many thanks, I take the case back to my room to get to know the gnome. I figure we are going to be spending a lot of time together, and that – as awesome as he & his abilities are- I’m uncomfortable with the idea of having a slave-type creature. I figure if we get to know each other it could become more of a mutually agreeable working partnership
I learn the gnome’s name is OMMA & we talk ‘shop’ and all things crossbow related… it was fun
* * * * * * *
The next evening is the banquet… and I thought it was going to be a reasonably enjoyable evening. The seamstress put me into a formal outfit that was not a dress, the crowd cheered quite a bit when we were presented with chests of gold, and Fluffy even stayed away for most of the night
But then he got up on stage
I heard my name mentioned & immediately left the dining hall
I’m told he read a poem, and that he asked Yasmin to read something she composed for me from Fluffy (I feel betrayed by my party member)
I went to my new room, found the bolt case Fluffy had love sentiments carved into as part of his secret silver barbed bolts gift
I go back to the dining hall, drop the case on his lap, and tell him:
“Don’t give me any more gifts. I don’t want or need anything from you. No affection, no attention of any kind… stop pursuing me. It will never, ever happen.”
I then storm off back to my seat
Yasmin brought down the house with her performance
She’s very talented, but I’m still mad at her
Fluffy left me alone & appears to want to continue that for a while

All, in all, things are looking up for me personally :-)

Diary of Teval - Feb.19/12

While walking, the Headmaster tells us we are going to the central chamber of the planer studies wing to open the vault
I think to myself that it sounds like a very impressive place to die
Just outside the chamber, we get startled by green fire coming down from the ceiling
A figure emerges from a fireball
It looks like a human version of Auraus… whoever he is- he certainly has Auraus’ sword- so I ask the obvious:
‘Where did you get that sword?’
Figure: “It’s mine.”
Me: “It’s yours… so says…???”
Figure: “Me.”
Me: “Are you Auraus’ brother? What’s going on?”
Figure: “I’ve been resurrected, it changes my appearance.”
Apparently that’s enough for everyone else in our party, and they accept that this is in fact Auraus. Honestly we don’t have time to get more details anyway
This was apparently going to be the day for strange goings on, because then the helmet on Luxcentorum’s head flies off his head on its own & goes to heal Auraus
Me: “Is everyone ok that the helmet is floating on its own?”
Jermailyn: “That’s the least weird thing that happens around us.”
Me: “Yeah…. fair enough.”
We all get down to business once we reach the central chamber
We ask questions of the Headmaster, and each of us picks spots around the chamber to cover as much ground as possible in protection of the headmaster while he’s doing the ritual & then the vault once it’s opened. The Headmaster explains that there will be fast moving rings & planets & parts whirling around him, so he will be reasonably safe from physical harm while performing the ritual. Afterwards, he will be in a very weak state, so that’s when he will need the most protection.
I climb to the top of the huge bookshelves, giving me excellent coverage of the chamber with my crossbow. Also, the shelves are not that far apart, so I can jump across to the next ones, covering the distance of the chamber quickly.
While discussing who is going into the vault once opened, and in what order, Jermailyn yells ‘portable hole!’
Luxcentorum runs over to the wall where the hole is emerging, he points down one of the rows of shelves & yells that there is a bad guy in an alcove at the end (likely the one who activated the hole)
Luxcentorum, Jermailyn & I are all heading toward the hole to try & stop whatever is going to come out
I’m jumping across to the other shelves, and when I see a bearded devil come out of the hole, I shoot & hit him
One of the students who was doing research with us, shoots at me & misses. (traitorous bastard & lousy shot)
A robed priest who emerges out of the hole with all the bad guys casts a healing spell, which actually heals everyone around him, not just the bad guys (once again, bad aim on the bad guys part is very advantageous for us)
Yasmin casts ‘haste’ giving us a great advantage
The fighting carries on for a bit
Then the Traveller himself emerges in the opposite corner from the hole & summons 6 creatures
I don’t get to see much of what happens to the creatures he summons… Luxcentorum apparently battled them valiantly
The robed priest is healing the damage faster than we can inflict it… so he becomes my target for a while
I shoot at him 3 times, hitting twice
Yasmin sings to give us even better chances
Definitely doesn’t help the aim of the bad guys, cuz they shot at me again—missing again
I shoot priest again, hitting 2 of 3 times
Shots at me mostly miss, one shot does find its mark, hurting me a little
A bearded devil appears on the bookshelf next to me
I shoot him 3 times, hitting all 3 times
He swipes at me, doing some damage
I shoot at him 3 more times, hit twice
He drops to the floor, too damaged to continue his skirmish with me
Another bearded devil teleports to the next bookshelf over, on the other side from where I was facing
I shoot at this new devil, hitting all 3 times doing a lot of damage
The first devil who dropped to the floor, climbs back up so I am now facing bearded devils on top of bookcases on either side of me
I go to the end of the bookcase, put my back to the wall and shoot at both of them (one of them gets 2 bolts, the other, 1 bolt)
The both die & start dissolving to disappear back to hell, but one gets a parting shot at me, hurting me
I jump to the next bookcase over, run to the end & see a mage that is giving folks grief, so I shoot at him & hit both times, wounding him grievously
Then the traveller teleports to the bookcase next to mine
Once he materialises, I see Jermailyn read that very expensive scroll, so I know this will be the last time he teleports anywhere
I shoot & hit the Traveller 3 times, and he jumps onto my bookcase right in front of me
Yasmin yells that ‘haste’ spell is done
I jump across a couple bookcases, to get some distance from the traveller, try to shoot at him but I miss
I drink a healing potion, then take another shot at the Traveller, hitting him this time
Traveller moves down to the ground, and gets flanked by entire party
He tries to go to the other side of the room, but I move across a couple bookshelves to get a great line of sight
I take a really sweet shot, that hits the Traveller
Suddenly, Fluffy runs across the room, screaming “For Tevaaaaaalllll!!!!”
He strikes the final blow, killing the Traveller
So now it looks to everyone in the room that he won the battle in my name.

For crying out loud, what am I gonna do about this yahoo??

What a night

Yasmin woke up with her head throbbing and hung-over. What a party last night, she rocked it up on that stage and had enjoyed jamming with the other musicians. She never felt so alive than when she was performing. She didn’t have to think when she was on stage, she could just play, and she felt free.

She didn’t remember too much about the end of that night. She knew that she had managed to get an escort back to her room. But he left her when he wasn’t going to get any action from her. She had met someone else. Who was it now? She tried to remember. She got up to freshen up for the day. She looked at her hand. She saw that she had written some kind of note.

Evil mustache dude
Harp of the Winds instrument of power
Meet music section

Oh, sh#$@, she thought, as it all came back to her what had happened. She had met the Traveller but had been too drunk to freak out about it. She had certainly been vulnerable right there, why didn’t he just finish her off right then and there. He wanted to separate them but he must need all of them for something as well.

She went off to meet the rest of the group and tell them about what happened. And she REALLY needed some coffee.

Yasmin hung over

The Headache

Acting Head Librarian Okanawan sighed and rubbed his throbbing temples; the beginnings of a powerful migraine already stirring behind his eyes. He just didn’t understand how Erikson did it. He had reports, requests, expense lists, book inventories, student files, and upcoming events folders stacked almost 1’ high across both his desk, and a second which had been brought into his office just to hold “spillover.” None of that even included any of the recent trouble which threatened the safety of the Library and its students.

The Head Librarian had been in a strange coma for almost the past month. None of their clerics or medical experts could figure out the cause. Their best guess was that “his spirit has left the body for the time being.” Nobody could even say if he might wake up.

In the mean time, this Traveler creature was flitting around in the shadows looking for gods know what, and killing everyone he encounters. That alone has almost the entire town and university in panic. Everybody was afraid that they might be the next to die, and the recommendations that nobody go anywhere alone, though prudent, had done nothing to calm the people.

Furthermore, a group of adventurers had arrived on a quest of sorts, and had “re-tasked” many of the students and librarians into helping them do their research. Even Okanawan himself had been put to work sorting books and scrolls like a novice student. As part of the [[Royal Explorers Guild] they quickly moved into the Library and availed themselves of its hospitality. Their love of hot baths, large meals, and legions of shelf monkeys had seriously affected the running of day to day operations. As his headache built, Okanawan dimmed the lights in his chambers to a more tolerable level, and offered a silent prayer that the adventurers would follow through on their promise to stop the Traveler…with a minimum of collateral damage. For all he knew they were after the same thing; and if that knowledge was hidden the Vault of Silence then they could destroy the library in their search and never find it. Only the Head Librarian knows that secret, and for now he’s not talking.

Even with the lights down, Okanawan’s head had begun pounding as if a mason were working his hammer on it with enthusiasm. Knowing that he could do nothing more about his problems or the migraine for the time being. He poured, and then swiftly drank a glass of whiskey before climbing into bed, and shutting his eyes against the pain. Hopefully morning would bring some answers.

Diary of Teval - Feb. 5/12

Wake after a long sleep from stressful day yesterday & head down to breakfast
Yasmin tells odd story
Turns out she had a run-in with Lt Traveller
Yasmin goes to the healing house for some much needed treatment
Jermailyn & I go up to our room to strategize
We hear a sound as we go along
I beg Jermailyn to leave it be- she is resistant
I ask her to send her imp- she agrees, and we go on our way
Jermailyn & I talk & decide that while Auraus would be the best to do it, we cannot wait & we need to wake up the Headmaster
We also come up with the idea that Yasmin can summon Luxcentorum to assist us
When we gear up & then leave our rooms, we hear a scream
Jermailyn mentions that the imp should’ve been back by now, so she goes off in the direction of the scream
I try to mention that last attempts of rescue following screams didn’t go well, but she doesn’t listen & I have to run to catch up to her
We find a staircase with (surprise, surprise) bloodstains at the bottom
Against my better judgement, we go up the stairs
Along the way up, we find the bodies of 2 guards that were keeping watch over the Headmaster
I load my small repeater crossbow with clips filled with silver bolts & read a gravity bow scroll
At the top of the stairs is a barred door, which we have to smash repeatedly to get inside
Inside the front room of the Headmaster’s chambers we find 2 bearded devils chanting around the Headmasters bed, which they have dragged into a pentacle drawn on the floor
Not being one to charm, but rather intimidate, I shout at them once we get in the room
“Do yourselves a favor & shut up”
One of them actually did get quiet, but the other doesn’t
Jermailyn falls just as she gets inside the door, but turns it into a roll that takes her next to the quieter devil, who she claws on the way by (great recovery in my books)
I shoot the devil who’s still chanting, hitting him twice & doing soma damage
The quiet one tries to claw at Jermailyn & she laughs it off (he looks kinda worried about that too)
The chanter charges me, hurts me a little
I step back, shoot him twice & hit both times, he tries to attack again but no luck
I shoot twice more & hit both times
Chanter attacks me again, doing damage (ow!)
Suddenly Fluffy is at the top of the stairs, where I’ve been backed up to & he tries to act the hero
I shoot the chanting one twice more & hit both times, the second shot finds him falling to the floor & dissolving
I drink a healing potion & gather 7 silver bolts back (this is nice since they cost a pretty penny)
Yasmin rushes in, puts the quieter devil to sleep immediately—this is very good since he was holding the headmaster’s body hostage with a knife to his throat
Yasmin then summons Luxcentorum, we explain our situation & that we want to wake up our host here, essentially give him a big list of things & ask for his help with all of them
The angel tells us he needs to meditate for a few hours to get some answers
During that time the acting headmaster arrives, and I ask him to send pages to go collect all our respective orders we have made around town while we clean things up here & keep the headmaster’s body safe
Speaking of clean up, I scrub my boot across several pentacle lines to break them up & servants come in to move the furniture back to where it should be
I convince my party to go down for an early dinner, since Luxcentorum will keep the peace here, and we go down to dining hall
During dinner the pages bring us our orders, good thing since I ordered so many silver bolts & silver barbed bolts
Then begins the debate about what to do with Yasmin’s magic book that floats over her head, since it could have the key to what to do about both the headmaster & the Lt. Traveller guy
After quite a bit of back & forth, I ask Jermailyn to find some magic-type people & I’ll take Yasmin to a room where we can test the book
Once everyone gets to the room, Yasmin makes the book sing
It sings to her of ‘Blood Lord History’

  • I don’t follow most of what happened in that room… so I’ll just write about what happened next***
    We determine that we cannot get the Headmaster’s soul to follow us to his body, so we go get his body to bring it to his soul. His soul does not seem to be able to leave a certain library section so we have to bring his body through the main body of the school.
    This apparently ruffles the feathers of the acting headmaster & he & I exchanged some hostile words
    Whatever… he didn’t seem to be interested in hearing our plan, or anything I had to say
    Ok, so maybe I was being rude… but we are out of time to deal with niceties
    I’m told that telling said acting headmaster I’d love to see him threaten me in front of Fluffy made it sound like I was hiding behind that stupid half-orc. I just wanted to see the throw-down that would happen
    When we get his soul & body together, the library locks down both with doors & magic
    This puts the whole party, Fluffy & the headmaster on the inside on the arcane wing, all reinforcements locked out
    Oh boy.
    The headmaster explains that he separated his body & soul so that the bad guys couldn’t open the vault full of information both we & the bad guys need. We explained our situation, and reasoning behind waking him from his coma-like state. He in turn tells us how elaborate the ritual is behind opening the vault, and that once he begins, he has to finish, and that he will be fairly vulnerable once it’s opened ‘cuz it takes a lot out of him
    Time to test ourselves that we are really heroes & protectors
    We all agree that Lt. Traveller will attack as soon as ritual starts, so Yasmin casts an unremarkable spell allowing us to go to the section of this wing we need without drawing too much attention
    This is good since we have enough problems with this plan without inviting more before it goes into play
    Off we go to the room…. I keep my thoughts to myself that this information we find in the vault had better be worth it
Diary of Teval - Jan.22/12

Yasmin, Jermailyn & I are in Jermailyn’s room
We are coming up with more questions than answers
‘Why all the mind games?’
‘Why not just kill us’
Soft knock at the door- it’s Griffin
Asks after Nicola, Yasmin explains about the body switch, and that Auraus disappeared before we could learn more
Griffin tells us he saw a bearded devil (underworld shock troops) speaking to a regular library person—conspiracies are afoot!!!
We all decide to not be alone at any time of day for the immediate future, I move into Jermailyn’s room. We arrange Griffin to move into Yasmin’s room, which makes Griffin blush furiously
Griffin walks me to my room so I may transfer all of my equipment to Jermailyn’s room. He comments that I have a great deal of weapons, as opposed to rope or irons to capture instead of kill
His comment about the rope happens just as we get back to Jermailyn’s room, making him sound of very…. um… interesting tastes
I tell Yasmin she’d better watch this one… and Griffin blushes even more & leaves in a huff
Yasmin cast a spell to learn about this Lieutenant ‘the Traveller’ so we can decide to capture him, bleed him for info or just kill him. She discovers a fair few facts, but we need to know more.
We all retire for the evening before a long day of research the next day.
* * * *
We all sleep in a bit, and begin our day late morning
A message is communicated to us just before noon, from Auraus saying he’s on his way back to us with quite the story to tell
During Lunch Jermailyn & I make plans to go p/u my orders & find some healing potions
Yasmin gives Jermailyn a list of scrolls she wants made
Jermailyn collects gold from all of us to buy a ‘dimensional anchor’ scroll, to be made by a library professor. The plan being to keep the Lt.Traveller in place should we run into him again
Jermailyn & I head to the Fletcher where I pick up some regular bolts. He presents me with a very well-wrought silver case which contains 10 barbed silver bolts, saying they are a gift.
I thank the Fletcher for such a princely gift, thinking they are to assist with keeping his town safe
We leave the shop, intending to head for the healing house, when we hear a scuffle down the back alley right next to the fletcher’s store
I beg Jermailyn to leave it be since our last rescue attempt went so very badly, but she insists. Jermailyn heads down the alley & I only follow a short ways in, as I can see her from where I’m standing
Jermailyn finds fluffy, who has been very badly beaten (glad I stayed away!). When she tries to help him stand, he pushes her away & tells her to run
Suddenly a bearded devil launches off the wall & attacks Jermailyn. I move down the alley a ways, load the silver bolts I’m still holding into my crossbow
I shoot 3 times, hit the devil twice
Fluffy stabs the devil & then passes out from the effort
Devil tries to summon something, but we manage to distract him with pain
Jermailyn tries to attack, but misses
Devil steps back down alley, into a small courtyard, but out of my sight
I move down the alley, shoot the devil once (hit)
Then shoot it 3 more times, hitting all 3 times
Devil turns from Jermailyn & Fluffy, attacks me, I take some damage
Jermailyn flanks & attacks, does a fair amount of damage
I step back a bit, fire last 3 silver bolts at point blank, killing the bearded Devil
Jermailyn & I retrieve 8 of the 10 silver bolts before the devil disappears
We carry Fluffy to the healing house, just as Yasmin & Griffin arrive, having had adventures of their own. The healers sell us some potions & heal Jermailyn & I from our recent battle
Yasmin had to come back the next day for more healing, but she wants to sing to the sick kids, so she & Griffin tell us they’ll head back to the library later
Jermailyn & I go back to the Fletcher. Seems far too convenient that I happened to be holding the exact weapon I needed just now
I try to commission 30 of the silver barbed bolts, he says he can only make the plain silver. Gets sketchy when I start asking questions about where the barbed ones came from
After much cajoling, and threatening, I discover that Fluffy commissioned the barbed bolts from the blacksmith, but knowing I was going to pick-up my order from the fletchers, paid the Fletcher to gift them to me & keep silent about where they were from
I order some plain silver bolts from the Fletcher & head to the Blacksmith
Once there I commission 20 barbed silver bolts
Jermailyn & I then head to the silver smiths. Jermailyn buys silverleaf. I get my Kukri dipped in silver.
Go back to library, head to dining hall & eat dinner
Yasmin tells tales of her day, starts performing
I’m too tired & I’ve seen the show, so I find two gaurds, head up to my room where I station the gaurds on watch at the bedroom door & go to sleep.
* * * *
Jermailyn wakes me a few hours later. She has the imp in tiny librarian form with her, instead of the usual arm bracer form
Imp says Mephistopheles would be better to summon & give intel, we decline his summoning offer (obviously)
Tells us a few pieces of intel on the Lt.Traveller, but nothing new
Jermailyn asks about the Queen that’s after her & gets more information there
Imp says “Mr.Mephistopheles” has info on the Library, but will tell Jermailyn & no one else
I suggest that if we are going to consider summoning anything, let’s do it well rested
Jermailyn agrees & sets the imp on watch. Jermailyn & I go to sleep.

A Name at last

The Great Library of Has.

“If it weren’t for the damned devils, I’d be perfectly happy here,” Jermailyn thought to herself. “Let loose in the most awesome library I’ve ever seen, so MANY lost treasures to find…” She sent off the latest batch of acolytes for more tomes, returning to the one she was currently skimming through.

She heard a small noise. "Ahem. If I might have a word with you? " A slender man was before her, brown hair and moustache, clad in the robes of a scholar.

“Certainly, especially if you have information relevant to our quest here.”

“Queen Merideth was most wonderfully angry with your escape, and is fixated on retrieving you. I have a small proposition for you. "

Jermailyn’s eyes widened. A name. She finally had a name. Bitch had never been called by name in her presence – always “Her Dreaded Highness” or somesuch nonsense. Then she blinked. Who the hell was this? She stiffened as an awful realization occurred – she was alone with the Traveller. Her mind went into overdrive.

Kill him now? Doubtful, without knowing what he is can’t be sure of taking him out fast and mustn’t risk the books. Play for time. There’s GOT to be a way out. I have a Name.

“What small task?”

The Traveller smiled smugly. “You’re a…pragmatic sort of person. Killing doesn’t seem to bother you overmuch – I want you to kill someone. In return, Queen Merideth won’t be informed you’ve been found.”

That’s it, he’s got to die. Sooner rather than later. Never threaten a killer. She dimpled charmingly at the Traveller, and said “As you say, I’m a pragmatic sort of person. And as you’ve obviously know who I am, you know I’m a little suspicious of your sort. I’ll need a little time…”

The Traveller looked past her, then said, “I’ll have your decision when I return”, and vanished into the stacks. Four alcolytes converged on Jermailyn, arms loaded with scrolls.
She thanked them for their diligence, and turned over the search to the senior scholars, pleading eyestrain and headache.

Escaping to her room, Jermailyn barred the door behind her, then thought better of it. Better not block escape routes, even if they are also entrances. It’s not paranoia when they ARE out to Get You. She threw open the window and summoned Gwaihir. “Ooooh Gwai we are nose deep in it now, not just neck deep. You need to be here for this.”

She tapped her bracer “Minion! did you catch all that back in the library?”

The imp uncurled itself from around her forearm. “Of course I did, why do you think your arm is wet? I thought he spotted me.” Jermailyn gagged and made for the washbasin.

She glared evilly at the imp as she scrubbed. “Queen Merideth. Who is she and WHAT is she, and why does she want me. The Traveller. Who is he and what is he. Get me that and I won’t eviscerate you. And remind Mephi that I’m more valuable to him if I’m not hers. Go.”

He fled.

“Well Gwaihir, at least we’ll know more about what we’re up against. First the Traveller, then the General, then Queen Meribitch. Assuming we have the time and choice. I don’t see that we have a lot of choice whether we kill them or die horribly. Mephistophiles obviously has plans of his own, let’s see if we can agree on some…mutual goals. Or he’s on The List too.” She blinked, mildy appalled at herself, then shrugged. Kill or be killed, rule or be ruled, the Law of the Hells. You learned that fast, if you wanted to survive. And she’d do anything, anything at all, to keep that from becoming the Law on the mortal plane.

Diary of Teval - Jan.8/12

We are back on the Grunkin, share tales of our adventures with each other
The Angel tells me (after some questions) that I won’t keep the eye if work is removed, so I’m keeping it
I’m very hung-over, but recover on 7-day voyage
I ask Auraus about the elementals I can see around him (thanks to the worm) & he tells me they are immature, but won’t cause problems
I ask Jermailyn about the bracer that she wears on her arm, as I notice (again, thanks to the worm) that it’s actually a very mouthy imp wrapped around & possibly doing indecent things to her forearm
We pass over a large town & then get in line of sight of the library
We see a half dozen riders on giant eagles, for both patrol & recreation it appears
Airship lands well, into a giant courtyard equipped with rings to tether the ship, which leads one to believe they are not strangers to airships like the Grunkin
We notice a man standing in the archway, waiting to talk to us
Approaches hesitantly, until he sees the Explorers Guild emblems on our cloaks
Introduces himself as Macdonald, and shows us to rooms inside the University set aside for Guild Members
While heading to the rooms, he tells us of many murders that have happened recently, compounded by other problems
Macdonald gives us amulets of light (20 ft radius) that also work as passes throughout the University
Whole party goes their separate ways—I go on a scouting/exploring jaunt through the outer village to check out the blacksmith & armory. Both for professional curiosity & to get the layout of the village
Since the crew stayed with the Grunkin, I’m able to avoid Fluffy in my wandering
When I find the bowman/Fletcher, I buy 2 clips & 10 regular bolts & make arrangements to collect them the next day
I get directions to where to find a clothing store, as I figure I should try to find something other than armour to wear to dinner at the University. I find something simple, but not overly feminine or seductive (it would be just my luck to run into fluffy wearing a dress & have him start singing or something else equally dumb!)
I go back to the University, head to my room, get cleaned up & changed into new threads
I head to the common hall, where I find at least 500 people sitting at large bench seating tables
Dinner is ok, and I mention to my party that I’m grateful that it’s hot, free & we didn’t need to prepare it or clean up after it
A student across the table toasts me after my comment – his name is Sigmund
Jermailyn complains about the beer, Sigmund laments that we got beer & he didn’t
Since I’m not a big fan of alcohol after recent events, I give my beer to Sigmund. Sigmund tests the beer with powder before drinking it (rather rude!)
Several students talk to Auraus, I apparently insult Sigmund (whatever- he was rude first)
Nicola barely eats & talks, Auraus ask for a healer to be sent. I suspect other reasons & whisper to Macdonald to send a midwife with the healer
A man in very fancy robes comes over to our party, introduces himself as McTavish, the acting headmaster & asks us for a meeting after dinner
McTavish asks if we are here to help solve these murders & help keep them safe. I reply that we didn’t know of their troubles until we landed. I also say we will be happy to help as much as we can, but our party has a restrictive timeline
We finish dinner & get ready to leave to have meeting with McTavish. When Jermailyn gets up from the table, she makes several men & boys drool over her (men!)
Auraus mentions there were more reactions then last time
“She does this a lot?”
“At every tavern, hall & public venue”
We have meeting with McTavish & get more details on murders & other problems happening. Most concerning for me is that the headmaster is in some kind of magical coma, when he is the guy who could provide us with answers to some direct questions our party has
The party heads to our respective rooms
While I’m readying for bed, there is a soft knock at the door. A servant delivers an envelope under the door, as I’m half-dressed
I read the note inside, which says:

The note wasn’t signed.
I put my armour back on, find a servant to show me where the main courtyard is. Then I think better of that & ask for a hallway or window that looks down onto it
Servant shows me a window that looks down into it. I wait until the servant leaves & then retrace my steps.
I go to Jermailyn’s room—I need someone to watch this meeting that can use a bow
Before I can knock, she opens the door, I ask her to bring her bow & we can talk on the way
I tell her of my mysterious note, while I show her the window with the great vantage point
Jermailyn suggests her Raven should watch my rendezvous from the window & alert the others should we need help—she intends to sneak down with me
Her concern comes from her bracer, the imp senses a Lt. Of big bad general is here & is the one behind all the deaths
Caution is better… it’s served me well thus far
I gear & weapon up, head down to courtyard about 11:45
Courtyard begins to fill with mist, which gets deeper & thicker
“I don’t like this! Whoever is doing this, show yourself, be a man & confront me, or knock it off!”
Then I hear a scream
“Oh good, someone needs to be rescued”
I go off toward the scream, Jermailyn stops me on the way, suggests we go together in case we’re being set up
We find a hysterical serving girl standing over a chopped up & neatly stacked body
Mist starts forming again… not good… so we give hysterical girl to soldiers that show up; after explaining our purpose for being in this place & decide we better go get Auraus
When we get to Auraus’s room, the Jin answers the door, tells us Nick was teleported away during a mysterious meeting
Just great.
Nicola wakes up while we are talking, she seems very odd & acts very unlike herself. As we decide our next plan, suddenly Nicola falls to the floor, twitching. Several voices simultaneously speak, using Nicola’s mouth, all with the same message:
‘Orin Blind-elf, we have your woman, her soul & your seed. Come find us if you want her back. We are the Sisters of the Mist’
Jermailyn: “Oh, sisters of the mist… we were supposed to kill those.”
I ask for some background history & I get the short-version since we have so much going on
“Does anyone find it an odd coincidence that weird, pea-soup like fog has been appearing lately & now we are being contacted by creatures called Sisters of the Mist?”
I go find the acting headmaster, to wake him & tell him we cannot wait to begin research, since we are looking into the very thing causing the recent deaths. Faster we solve this, the more senseless death we can prevent.
I find him, wake him & fill him in on all we know. He, in turn, wakes a huge team of scholars to meet us in the library.
The acting headmaster & I go back to the guild wing where he & Jermailyn make a game plan to cover as many topics as fast as possible.
I mention that since I haven’t slept all night, I’m gonna rest. I’m not much help with all of this.
Sigmund: ‘Typical half-orcs, they can’t read anyway.’
Me: ‘I may not read to your level Sigmund, but I can read off you that you haven’t had a date for a while.’
I leave to go to my room with that parting shot—at least the Jin found it funny.
Once in my room, it appears empty when I enter, but when I turn around after closing the door, there is suddenly a thin, mustached, brunette man sitting there.
Well, that’s what he’s showing to the world anyway. Thanks to the wyrm in my head, I see underneath a horned, fanged, demon-like beast who is only pretending to be a civilized librarian.
I, panic-stricken, back towards my door not taking my eyes off of him
Demon: ‘I didn’t mean to scare you… I just thought we should meet since we didn’t get to last nite’
Me: ‘You thought it was better to scare a person half to death by appearing in their room alone?’
Demon: ‘Well, I asked to meet with you alone & didn’t think you wanted extra people to appear in your room with me’
Me: ‘What I mean is… that for someone to be at this library, they’d have to know all about the recent goings on. All of which leads people to be more jumpy, and leaves me with a lot on my plate, not to mention highly suspicious of weird behavior. For a guy who is supposed to be a smart librarian, you sure are dumb.’
Demon: ‘I really wanted this meeting… see I want to hire you as a mercenary’
Me: ‘Wrong again young pup, I’m a bounty hunter, part-time, to pay the bills. I’m no mercenary’
Demon: ‘I’m not that young… I have a moustache’
Me: ‘So do tomatoes when you leave them to rot… start telling me something that won’t make me want to shoot you where you sit’
Demon: ‘ There’s no need for violence. Actually, a bounty hunter will suit my needs even better. I want to hire you to find someone & bring them to me. I’ll give you 10,000 gold’
Me: ‘You want me to leave my companions, when this sh*tstorm has just hit the fan—to go find you someone?’
Demon: ‘Yes. I’ll give you 10,000 gold now, plus another 10,000 when you return with the person. Dead or alive state… and I can even provide quick travel there so half your journey can be done in a [I interrupt]’
Me: ‘Stop, stop, stop talking. Young, dumb & chatty are not 3 traits I admire. You need to leave now so can at least think about his, let alone ever speak to you again since you’re so annoying.’
Demon: ‘Certainly… I understand. Here, I’ll give you this for your time.’
The demon throws a bag that clinks with coins on the bed.
I forget he’s a scary, big, bad, demon
I forget that this could very well be the Lt. we have been looking for & that he has no problems in killing
I forget everything but the men who paid my mother for her “time”
He must’ve heard the deep, cold hate in my voice: ‘I’m not a woman who reacts well to men paying for her time… take your money & get out’
Demon: ‘I’m sorry… I…’
Me: ‘Stop talking & leave- NOW!’
He slowly picked up the bag of coins & left my room
I took a few minutes to stop shaking. First I was shaking from rage, then from the thought that I was almost killed by a demon
Went to find Jermailyn in library, was easier once I asked for the elf in red leather (men!)
Jermailyn was in her room, complaining of a headache
I go to her room, tell her what happened to me, she tells me she was threatened by a random librarian while researching
I ask her to describe him—seems it’s the same guy & her bracer/imp confirms it’s the Lt. known as ‘the traveller’
Me: ‘If this guy is so big & powerful, why doesn’t he just kill us? Why is he playing all these games? He seems focused on picking us off one-by-one… why??’

So far, no one has an answer.

Gathering storm

Though Auraus could not see them, he could feel the elementals all around him as he sat on a outcropping in the mountains.

’You have all decided to follow me, that is your choice. You offer me your service, unconditionally, know that I accept it. I also promise this to you and all others that wish to follow me in the future. That I will do what I can to protect you, to serve as a good master. To help you as you help me. To heal you when you are sick. To teach you what I know."

Prince Abdul-Hadi, standing behind the small group of elementals that had traveled from the Plane of Air, Wind, and Storms. Four small elemtanls Zephyr, Cumulis, Nimbus, and Rai’yo, floated in-front of him. The Prince looked on his small cousins with satisfaction. He did not know how many more would come, or if mortals would join his master’s legion, but one thing was sure… that they would all lay down their lives for this Prophet of Storms.

’For now each of you will be assigned a small duty, until I know full-well what you can do and what you inclinations are. I will also warn you all right now, you included good prince, that we are going up against legions from Hell. They will give no quarter to me or you. It will be the most dangerous outing that you have ever taken. For the most part, do not be seen, do not be heared. You all will be eyes and ears for me, as well as other things. I will also give you one command right now. This one is absolute, irrevocable, and forever. You will protect Nicola as you would protect me, if in the event that our lives look to be ending, you will save HER before me. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

With absolute unison, the elementals and the prince said. “Your will be done, her before you, your child before her.”

Auraus’s head snapped around, “Child?”

After the Battle of Bulvidu

After the Battle of Bulvidu
by Yasmin Sybilla Fell and Gabe, Minstrel of Bulvidu

There was a great ceremony in Bulvidu

To thank the heroes

Kryspyn, Aurus Kal’tha’mar

Yasmin Sybilla Fell, Jermailyn AKalakar, T’val

And others

for saving their town

But their job was not yet done

The cultist tried again

To open the Death Knight’s tomb

He threw a fireball into the crowd

A brave dragon jumped in front to take the blast

The cultist entered the church

He put up a wall of fire

People got a little singed

But we persevered

And he was stopped for sure

That tomb sure attracts the crazies

It will need to be protected

Cultists will keep trying to open it

Maybe the passageway should be magically sealed and blocked,

The basement collapsed or something.

Something so people can’t get to it again.

We call upon the brave and loyal citizens of Bulvidu

To be ever vigilant and

guard the tomb

So the Death Knight will never again walk the land.

Yasmin and gabe*


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