Yasmin Sybilla Fell

Yasmin Sybilla Fell: Acrobat, troubadour, thespian, Street Performer Extraordinaire


I used to be part of the family traveling theater and circus troupe, “Fell’s Family Follies”.

Fell s family follies

In its heyday, Fell’s Family Follies was successful and well-renowned across the land. In recent times, however, the company fell on hard times. We have had to sell a significant amount of our animals and equipment, although I’ve managed to hold onto some of it. I’ve recently had to strike out on my own to make a living and to make a name for myself.

I’m quick, nimble and I love to perform and am well versed in the performing arts, singing, dancing, theater, playing different instruments as well as various circus acts such as trapeze, tightrope, acrobatics, and handling animals. Recently I’ve discovered I have the knack for street performance. Nothing better than dressing up in a good disguise, having an impromptu performance, gathering and working a large crowd, listening to their clapping and cheers!

So now I make my living as a Bard, and as a Street Performer. I love to travel and look forward to the next adventure that awaits me!

Yasmin Sybilla Fell

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