Adeptus Major Thaddeus Grimm

A tall, handsome and charming man; dressed with style and equipped with an ornate scimitar.


The King’s Army Rank: Adeptus Major

Ranking Equivilent – In ascending order
Officer Cadet - Apprentice
Second Lieutenant – Zelator
Lieutenant – Adeptus Minor
Captain – Adeptus Major
Major – Adeptus Exemptus
Lieutenant Colonel – Magi Minor
Colonel – Magi Major
Brigadier General – Mage
Major General – Magus Minor
Lieutenant General – Magus Major
General – Grand Magus
Five Star General – Arch Magus


Thaddeus’ youth was a pleasant one. Although Thaddeus was an orphan he was one of few who were actually given a good home. Thaddeus’ adoptive parents, Gibson and Titha Grimm, were well to do merchants when they took Thaddeus into their home. Unfortunately, due to a war wound that Gibson suffered in his youth, he was left unable to sire a child upon Titha. The couple decided to instead adopt and it was a baby with lavender eyes that stole their hearts. Thaddeus’ parents were very strict parents but were always honest and kind with their child. Thaddeus thus grew up greatly respecting his adoptive parents, even knowing by the age of five that he was adopted.

Thaddeus was a dutiful child. At the age of seven, Thaddeus’ parents hired a scholar to teach Thaddeus to be fully literate in common, Dwarven and Elven, and to teach him numeracy. By the age of 9 Thaddeus was helping his father on a daily basis as an assistant in Gibson’s shop. By the age of 13 Thaddeus was accepted into a small but well-reputed academy where he learnt history, law, and other academic studies. Here Thaddeus made friends and learnt to fit in well with other students.

The oddest thing about Thaddeus as a child was that he excelled at just about anything he tried, and excelled easily. Although he was not the best swordsmen of his age category, he certainly wasn’t the worst either and was well beyond most of his friends. Thaddeus was also the top student in his class, yet spent very little time looking over his notes; things just seemed to come to him. The more Thaddeus’ parents pushed Thaddeus to achieve, the more he did so. It seemed as though very little was beyond Thaddeus’ ability, even girls.

Thaddeus’ more troublesome talent was in pleasing the girls of his neighbourhood, who all fawned over the competent lad. Thaddeus never once took advantage of his sway over young women, yet he certainly didn’t ignore it either. Thaddeus’ adoptive father made sure that Thaddeus understood gallantry and chivalry and this fact only caused the girls to swoon more over the well-mannered attractive young man. Thaddeus thus went on many dates in his youth but was never able to commit his time to one girl.

It was in his 18th year that Thaddeus joined the King’s army, and came home one evening and told his parents that he would fulfill his debt to both them and his country by serving in the great nation that had given him so much. Gibson and Titha were very proud of their son this day and afforded Thaddeus a small coin purse full of gold to start the young man on his way.

It was a chance encounter that allowed Thaddeus to be discovered by the Grand Magus. On Thaddeus’ first day of the military academy he was walking to his first class, over 45 minutes early, when he happened to spot a small strange creature sitting at the base of a courtyard fountain. The creature resembled a cat in many ways, in fact almost perfectly, except that Thaddeus somehow knew the creature was more. Pausing to watch the small grey feline, Thaddeus stood completely enwrapped by the creatures presence until the creature looked up at the young man.
“You see me…” said the cat as a grin crept along its face.
The event of a talking cat caught Thaddeus off guard, “I… uh… you speak?” he stammered.
“More eloquently than you it seems” chuckled the cat, “but yes, I speak.”
“Wha- What are you?”
“Very rude to ask what and not who, don’t you think?” said the grey cat as he dug his front claws into the grass around the fountain and stretched his back.
“Oh…” replied Thaddeus, clearly caught off guard again, “Yes, of course, um, where are my manners. I am Thaddeus Grimm, new recruit in the King’s army.”
“Indeed,” returned the cat playfully, “well, Thaddeus, I am Gimas and I am the friend, ally and esteemed associate of the Arch Magus.”
“And pet!” said a sharp voice from around the nearest corner leading into the academy. A tall, stern, bearded man, wearing flowing maroon robes, a skull cap, and a wielding a staff came around the corner.
“Yes, I was just getting to that Alinius.” said the cat almost sheepishly as he finished stretching and cantered over to the tall man.

Thaddeus recognized the man as the Arch Magus and court mage of the King. Although Thaddeus had never met the man, he had seen him from a distance a few times. The man, although not aggressive was certainly intimidating.

“Thaddeus is it?” asked Alinius and then continued without waiting for a response, “It is rare that Gimas will talk to anyone, specifically one who is not within the ranks of the Legionari Arcanus. You are not on my list of new recruits, why not?”
“I, uh, have no ability sir.” stammered the now very nervous Thaddeus.
“Is that so…” pondered Alinius matter-of-factly. “Good day to you, Master Grimm.” A small crept across Alinius’ face as he sauntered away leaving Thaddeus standing awkwardly in the courtyard.

Thaddeus hadn’t been quite sure what exactly had happened to him that day, but knew that the meeting had had great significance for him. The academy classes and subjects were presented to the group of new recruits that day and time tables were hadn’t out to every student… except Thaddeus. Apparently there had been a mix up and Thaddeus’ time table was being reorganized. The next day when Thaddeus received his time table it was full of class titles such as Minor Incantations, Planar Studies: Basic Level, and Arcanis Regularis. Thaddeus tried to explain several times that there had been a mistake but was assured this was not the case, and was eventually told to quit pestering his command office.

And so, Thaddeus went to his given classes. Thaddeus’ academic nature very quickly picked up on his studies yet he had trouble with his minor incantations classes. Thaddeus was not able to replicate any of the spells that his instructor was trying to teach, yet was able to understand the theory behind the spells. Once Thaddeus corrected his instructor and was given hard labour for the next week in his off time. Every day Thaddeus asked to speak with Alinius but was told that the Arch Magus was busy, and so every day Thaddeus went to his training and was embarrassed.

Finally, a week before Thaddeus’ final assessment he was told that his incantations training were based on a pass/fail grade and that if he could not pass, he would be discharged and declared unfit for service. Finally realizing that Alinius would not see him in time to correct the issue, Thaddeus decided it was best to try and do the impossible and bend the physical world to his will. No matter how hard Alinius studied the incantations, however, he could not see the logic behind them. Thaddeus could understand the concepts of what he was trying to do, but the calculations were unwieldy and made no sense.

The night before Thaddeus’ final assessment he stayed up all night long attempting to recreate his instructor’s incantations; sprinkling dust on magical symbols, grinding bat guano, and moving around in awkward positions in a vain attempt to get something out of his year of training. It wasn’t until 5 am, after a long night of study that Thaddeus finally gave up. Unfortunately, due to his fatigue he accidentally spilt a vial of ink over his tome, removing any chance of trying to show his exhaustive attempts to his instructor. As Thaddeus’ emotions finally got the better of him, he snatched the tome off his desk and whipped it across the room in a fit of frustration. Then cursing loudly, he found himself speaking words that he did not know and pointing at the book as a thin line of green liquid materialized and flew across the room to splatter across his tome and begin to sizzle.

Suddenly, everything made sense to Thaddeus. There was nothing wrong with him; it was the way he was being taught. The process he had been poring over was completely unnecessary. Why write out the long calculations when he could focus on the answers in his mind and make the same effect. Yet again Thaddeus excelled. Thaddeus was being taught to crawl when he was ready to fly. Laughing out loud at his own stupidity for being so diffident, Thaddeus cleaned his study and left for his incantations assessment. Arriving an hour early, he found the incantations instructor organizing the assessment materials. When the incantation instructor looked up and saw Thaddeus a contemptuous smile crept across his face.
“Come to submit your resignation?” asked the man slyly.
“No, I’ve come to take my assessment.” Responded Thaddeus trying to hide his grin.
The instructor’s smile grew, “Ah, you want to avoid the embarrassment of taking the assessment in front of the others… Very well.”

The instructor laid out the assessment and began, but, to the man’s surprise Thaddeus was able to perform every incantation perfectly, and finished with a magic missile spell from second year’s curriculum.

After having forced his instructor to admit that Thaddeus had indeed passed the assessment, Thaddeus swaggered away to rest. On his way back to his room, however, Thaddeus found Alinius waiting in front of the barracks.
“You knew, didn’t you.” Asked Thaddeus with a slight laugh in his voice.
“Gimas only talks to other students of the arcane.” Replied Alinius casually. “However you are not like the others in the rank. There have been very few of your kind that pass through these gates. Usually they discover their power long before the military does and never learn to properly harness their abilities. For whatever reason, you have likely only ever displayed your latent power and have never noticed.”
“If you knew, then why did you not respond to my attempts to speak with you?”
“I wanted to see if you could manifest your powers on your own. Truth be told, I do not have the ability that you do and so could not instruct you anyway. If I had responded and told you as much then you would have grown more discouraged and possibly would have quit. Patience was the best option. That said, now that you have manifested your abilities, there are a few things I can do to make your life a little easier. Come with me.”

Thaddeus’ life changed that day. The Arch Magus personally rearranged all of Thaddeus’ classes to remove Thaddeus from all casting classes and add combat training with the militia. Thaddeus learnt that his physical fitness had a direct bearing on his ability to cast and slowly learnt to tie the two together. Within three years, Thaddeus had graduated into the ranks of the Legionari Arcanus, passed his basic training in the militia and was put into full service. The day that he had passed his first incantations assessment had been the last time he had seen Alinius until his graduation. Alinius personally presided over the graduation of all new recruits and presented each with their new rank.

After the ceremony however, the Arch Magus came to see Thaddeus in his chambers. There he presented Thaddeus with a scimitar and told Thaddeus that he would likely never be able to call a familiar like Gimas, yet he had heard of wielders of the arcane who had managed to use a weapon as a focus. Thaddeus knew right away that the gift had been meant as a challenge, and so accepted it happily, determined to make one more kind stranger proud of him.

Adeptus Major Thaddeus Grimm

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