Half-orc Urban Ranger


Urban ranger/ bounty hunter


Teval never knew her father.
Her mother wasn’t ever sober enough to tell her who her father was.
Since Teval’s mother was human, she has to assume her father is, or was, an orc.

A quiet, clever, independent child, she learned quickly to keep her mouth closed to cover her teeth & not show the incisors that showcased her mixed heritage. Showing her teeth made her mother angry, most people in her neighbourhood nervous, the other children taunt her & a lot of strangers would stare.

At home she could avoid her mother easily enough… and some of her early hiding places in her house gave her insight into the people that came & went. People watching became a favourite pastime. Teval also developed a strong disdain for her mother’s ‘customers’ that used her poorly. Men who thought that just because they paid for their time with her mother, meant they could be as mean & cruel as they wanted. Having these experiences as Teval’s initial view into interpersonal relationships, makes for interesting views on dating, needless to say.

There were only a few places she could be herself. Thankfully, she discovered the freedom of being out at night early on. Wandering the streets after dinner, in the dark, was exhilarating. Teval’s mixed heritage gives her incredible night vision, which led to even more people watching while she explored & adventured through the city. Since most people were home or taking advantage of the night & the anonymity it provides, she was left alone & the city was her playground.

It was on one of her night-time romps when she met the old Cleric.
Teval had noticed the Cleric leave the church each night, near the same time… stout walking stick in hand and a friendly look to him. Teval had been distracted by people watching & had fallen, twisting her ankle. The old cleric happened by & offered to bind her strained joint. Being distrustful of men, Teval was unsure what to do… but the Cleric (who’s name was Kalid) offered to help her in the open, side courtyard of his church.
“That way no one will think a young lady like yourself, with no guardian present, will be doing anything untoward.”
No one had ever bothered to take Teval’s virtue into account- especially with her mother’s choice of vocation. Between the pain in her ankle, her shock at Kalid’s kindness, ____ she didn’t say much as they walked back to the church. She was very quiet while Kalid soaked & then wrapped her ankle. When he was done, Teval got anxious about payment for his help. Kalid suggested Teval meet him for his evening walks, since there were times he felt lonely walking by himself. Teval was curious as to how that would be sufficient payment, but dutifully came by the side door of the church the very next day.

Kalid & Teval became great friends. Teval had never had a friend or confidant before & she found that it took her a very long time to trust Kalid. Once she was less guarded, their conversations were extensive. Kalid taught her to read, basic fighting skills, how to shoot a crossbow & fletch her own arrows & bolts. Most importantly, Kalid explained to Teval how she could take her observation of the people around her & use that information to track folks or enlighten oneself to nefarious goings on. So Teval began to give Kalid reports of what she observed while adventuring through the city. Kalid used the information to assist local law enforcement, as well as find families the church could extend help to. Kalid developed a reputation for being a man with his ear to the ground, and Teval was more than happy to let him be the person people came to with questions. She would do the ‘leg work’ to provide answers, but this was a secret between herself and Kalid.

Things carried on well for a while, but then tragedy struck. There was a prison break, which made everyone edgy & on alert- so Teval kept close to home since she tended to make people nervous & didn’t want to make the situation worse. She did go to the church to meet Kalid for his evening walk, only to find the church had been vandalised & damaged. Teval got a little panicked when she didn’t find Kalid & when he didn’t answer her calling his name she got even more upset. She did finally find him… he was very badly beaten from protecting the donation box from escaped convicts. He could hardly talk, but he did tell her how much he thought of her as a daughter, was proud to be a part of her life, and not to be sad when he was gone. He told her to go to a weapons vendor where he had a gift made for her, and each time she used it to defend herself or use it to protect others, she should think of him & know he’s watching over her.

Then he died… and Teval screamed a scream of rage & heartbreak

She gathered herself up, and walked to the weapons vendor. She was numb from shock but she managed to find the shop. Once there, the owner brought out her gift from Kalid. It was a masterwork heavy crossbow, a true thing of beauty to Teval’s eyes. (She carries this same crossbow to this day) The owner must have sensed there was something wrong, because he asked what a young woman like herself was going to do with such a weapon. Teval found a sense of purpose settle on her heart, turning it very cold. She then smiled a very evil smile, including her orc fangs, and said only one word:


The shop owner was very intimidated, and closed his store after Teval left. Her next stop was to the jail, to get information on how many prisoners were still to be found in the city. She found the captain in charge of the jail, and he was quite dismissive until she told him that some of the escapees had killed Kalid. The captain hung his head, expressed how sad he was that the city had lost such a good man, especially when they would need him most. He asked Teval to not do something stupid out of her grief for Kalid’s death.
Captain – “Right now we need professionals to help bring in these criminals, not a young woman acting like a vigilante.”
Teval – “Just tell me where to bring them when I find them.”
Captain- “Stay out of it. I mean it.”
Teval- “Fine. I’ll bring them right to you.”
Teval left the jail, listening & watching every detail she saw to find a place to start. Well, she knew the nature of men enough to know that there was a very good chance any prisoners that had been in jail a long time would want to have certain ‘needs’ met. So Teval memorized the wanted posters, and went back home.

Over the next 3 days, between her mother’s ‘clients’, talking to the other whores, and Teval roaming the streets, she brought every single criminal back to the jail. They were all alive, but some were barely so. Teval showed no mercy to any of them & treated them poorly, since she didn’t know which ones were the ones who beat up Kalid. The Captain changed his mind about Teval, and even helped her get some reward money for rounding up all the criminals in such a short time, almost single-handedly. Teval only kept enough money to feed herself for a few days, get some light armour & gear & then gave the rest to the church. She told the staff at the church that some of the money was to make sure Kalid had an honorable burial & the rest was to continue his charity work.

Teval worked through her grief, but she felt a bit lost without the guidance of her friend. She was visiting Kalid’s grave a couple months after his death, where the Captain of the jail found her. He explained they had a criminal they needed to find so he could be arrested for his many crimes. Last they heard he was hiding somewhere in the capital city, and asked Teval if she would try to find him. Teval asked a few questions as to the criminal’s name, habits, accomplices, anything the captain could tell her. It wasn’t much, but Teval didn’t feel so lost anymore when she began to think about how to track this bad guy down. Just before Teval left to begin her search, she said to the Captain:
“Piece of advice Captain. You need to change mistresses. She has been bragging to all the other whores that she is your mistress, and word will eventually get back to your wife. Since your wife is currently expecting a child, she will be more hysterical than usual if she discovers you’ve been cheating. Find a mistress that is more discreet, or stay faithful to your wife.”
Captain – “How do you know all of this??”
Teval- “Does it matter? The advice is sound. I checked you out after the prison break, in case we were to ever work together again, and discovered your mouthy mistress. Be careful.”
Captain- “People don’t tend to like folks who know so much about their lives.”
Teval- “Take the advice or don’t… I didn’t tell you to make you like me. If people leave me alone because I might learn too much about them, it makes them more interesting prey when I track them down.”
The captain watched Teval walk away, thought that she will have a very lonely life, but will be very good at what she does.

This began a successful bounty hunter career for Teval. She did other travelling & adventuring for the next few years, but always took bounty hunting jobs to pay the bills. One such job for the mayor of Bulvidu is how she ended up meeting her current party.


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