Nicola is 16, and daughter of One-Eye Luke the owner of Red Eye Tavern.

On first sight she feel in love with the handsome warrior Auraus Kal’tha’mar. He had helped to defend the town of Tud, from the fire drake, and had adventured into the Tomb of General Sokar with his companions. Thinking that he was very brave, and despite some actions, which she attributed to drink, he acted very kind and gentlemanly to her. After he left to pursue his quest, she pined after him. Her father tried to interest her in other guys, but he just didn’t understand that there was some other connection between the two. They fought over it for days. During one of these fights, Luke grabbed her arm. Acting instinctively she cast a spell, and shocked her father into unconsciousness. As he was recovering over the next few days, she decided to leave Tud, as she thought that maybe now she could help her beloved. On the way she met a monster tamer. He taught her everything that she needed to survive on her own, and adventure on her own. He also guided her in finding Auraus. They finally caught-up to him in the town of Bulvidu. They are now on the way to the Secret Library of Has.



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