Nedward Belladona


A handsome and charming freedom fighter/highwayman.

He leads a band of ex-mercenaries, displaced farmers, and merchants.

He now leads a force of nearly 50 men under the name of The Wild Woodland Justice Defenders, or WWJD for short.


Nedward was once a captain in the P’Bapar city watch. After a night of celebration over the victory of a local sports team, Ned was summary discharged for drunken/disorderly, and extremely reckless behavior.

Having found himself out of employment, he traveled east in search of a new beginning. He eventually came across the Town of Morden and its corrupt tax system. Finding himself shortly bankrupt and “sold” into slavery, he staged a dramatic escape, and disappeared into the woods.

He later encountered a small group of mercenaries who had been branded as criminals for the crime of loosing a battle. His leadership abilities, and vision of justice against the corrupt lord inspired the men to follow him.

Nedward Belladona

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