Mr Mestophilies


Mestophilies is an imp, like most of his kind, he enjoys tormenting mortals, and plotting to advance his position withing the fiendish ranks of Hell.

Unfortunately, as a result of some poor choices and bad luck Mestophilies has been trapped on the Prime Material plane for the past 101 years. Even worse, he was captive within a fairly small and very boring tomb just outside the Town of Tud. Therefore it was fortunate when a party of adventurers came along and broke him out of his prison. This was of course unintentional on their part, but none the less, the deed has been done. Even better, it was the presence of a paladinthat broke the spell of containment.

Mestophilies is now able to leave the Prime Material plane, however has chosen to stay and follow “his” adventurers for a while. Its not that he doesn’t want to return to the comforts of home, its just that its so much fun (and prestige) to try to turn a paladinto evil.

He has several times proven himself useful, and even helped the adventurers without asking for payment. Its obviously all part of his master plan…muahahahaha


Mr Mestophilies

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