Menelaus is an old, greying Tauren. His horns also show the advanced signs of his age and expedience. Both are chipped and flaking, one broken off at the tip, the other half-way down. The broken edges of his horns have been thinly capped in silver which nearly matches his fur.

Menelaus wears the robes of a scholar over his still large frame. His pack contains more books, ink and parchment than it does weapons. In fact Menelaus has given up weapons all together.


Menelaus, like many Tauren youth grew up a warrior and a sailor. After several years of successful campaigning, Menelaus broke his horn in combat. Now, the once proud and whole warrior was treated with disdain, like a broken and useless relic.

After a period of shame and self pity, Menelaus managed to pull himself together, and discover a new way to help his people. He would study tombs of knowledge, and learn. He would then use his new found power; for knowledge is power, to better his people.

Several years passed, and eventually Menelaus became knows as one of the Empire’s greatest and most respected minds.

Most recently, Menelaus has taken to traveling the lands of man, and learning what he can of their knowledge. Having made friends with its Captain, he is currently traveling north aboard the Grunkin.


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