Legion of the Storm.

What the followers of Auraus call themselves.


Consisting of air, lightning and storm elementals as well as some mortals.


Zephyer – A small female air elemental one of the first to join Auraus after the Prince Abdul-Hadi. She finds that her duties of lookout and scout fit her well and is prone to playing small harmless tricks on those around her.
Air elemental by javi ure

Nimbus- the oldest of the air elementals, besides the Prince to follow Auraus. He acts as eyes and ears for the Prophet. Getting into places that he probably shouldn’t he is also prone to not knowing his limits.
Air elemental

Cumulas- A young air elemental by all standards, he acts mostly as a go-for and messangar for Auraus.

Rai’yo- The most obvious of the elementals to follow Auraus she has an shocking temper when it comes to defending her master and his wife. Her temper is explained by the fact that she is a lightning elemental.
Lightning elemental by vij 8

Legion of the Storm.

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