Auraus Kal'tha'mar

An Oracle who has an uncertin path,


An elf from the noble house of Kal’tha’mar, Auraus had just started his training when, weather it was one or all, the gods of wind decided that he would be useful as an Oracle. Tradition for House Kal’tha’mar dictated that Auraus be sent to the Temples of the elves to begin his training as a priest. The one thing that Auraus knew for certain was that the Winds, as he calls the gods that use him as a channel, did not want him to be sedentary as yet. The night before he was to leave a storm of such portions occurred, that only a few of the eldest elves could remember the last one. The next thing that Auraus knew he was hundreds of miles away from his home, completely kitted out.
It was also years and years latter. He discovered, talking to some towns people that stopped to help him that approximately 50 years had passed. Chalking it up to the will of the gods, and Winds, Auraus started walking and eventually meet Grim, and Gale. He is now sure that the gods and Winds sent him to this place for some purpose dealing with Grim and Gale. What he has yet to know.

Recently in his travels he has picked up a powerful sword, name simply the Black Sword.

Auraus Kal'tha'mar

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