Angus Sammual Stone-Tooth

A Dwarf who is what he is


Angus was born some 64 years ago to the Copper-Kettle Clan North of the Kingdom of P’Bapar his father, a bellow worker of little repute had not taken well to Angus, and his mother, a sickly women who was a water carrier passed in his tenth year.

Angus’s Father had taken hard to the drink, and harder to Quillum Spice. he was prone to bouts of hallucinations, violent outbursts, and paranoia. Angus put up with it for ten years before he fled. living as a street urchin in the clan did not go well, Angus had learned most of his social skills from his father, and those did not endear him well to others, add the scars and odd shaped facial features from countless beatings, and well, he left the clan within two years taking to the wilds.

For years he scrapped by trying his best to survive in the cold mountain lands of P’Bapar. Several times he thought he would freeze or starve to death, many times he thought he would die alone. Once he had met a small dear that had been injured, carefully he had approached the animal and praying to the Lord of Mountains he placed a small healing spell on the creature. relieved of the pain the creature looked up and Angus, he reached out his hand to pet the small deer, thinking that at last he had made a friend… the deer bit him, and then kicked him.

He had eaten venison that night

Years later, after many similar situations he had found a strange egg. Angus did not know what kind of egg it was, or why he brought it with him, but for years he carried it around, until one day his egg hatched, here he had met his best and only friend in the world… Gieko


Angus spends most of his days working a trap line with Gieko, he avoids others as much as he can keeping to nature… it doesn’t judge… but recently he has seen more and more strange creatures traveling through the mountains, Devils and other such evils, Angus hates humans, but he hate devils far more. This is what led him to leave his trap line and come to civilization


Angus Sammual Stone-Tooth

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