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Teval - Woman Warrior

Rose with thorns
Teval – Woman Warrior

Poem Commissioned By Fluffy for Teval

Who are you Teval?
Teval, you are the woman I observe
Marching through the molten black turmoil
With a torch that ignites the scope of dark
Burning a fire from the depths of your soul
That fights evil, devils and corruption.

Love? I say I know love
After knowing you Teval
I have found love in your exploits
How you can skewer the enemy from any distance.
I have found love in silver tipped arrows and verbal exchanges
Wooed and charmed by your strong and warrior gestures.
But this love that has struck flame within me
Is a raging inferno… yet it is also a soothing zephyr

I wish that you would notice me,
That you would see more for who I am.
I will walk with a humble gaze,
And allow happiness to envelope my heart.
I will walk in rags and patches if need be.
I will live, learn and breathe for you,
Whatever you wish of me, I will be for you.

You are a woman of delicate steel,
A body fine-spun with equal fragility
And equal strength.
You are a female warrior
On the battlefield of life.
Your bravery warms my heart,
I hope your heart will be warmed to me.
I wait, I breathe, I hope.


I can’t believe you are encouraging him!! You could’ve said ‘no’ to his commission… just sayin.

Teval - Woman Warrior

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