The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Secret Library Room on Another Plane

Library room on another plane
We got to go to the secret room of the Library of Has. It was in another plane! I bet very few people have gotten to go in that room. It was so cool!

Soon we’ll have the information that we have searched in the library for, I hope we are able to move quickly and use the information to our advantage.

I have to say that this university is a great place to perform, these students and teachers are a very receptive audience! The Headmaster’s gifts were very very nice. I am definitely looking forward to trying out my harp.

I’m glad we’re continuing to travel on the Grunkin. Things will likely be testy between Fluffy and Teval for a while, but it is a big ship, I’m sure she’ll be able to avoid him.

And we finally hear from Thaddeus Grimm. How nice of him to keep in touch, sigh. He says he is in touch with the king’s army and they are beginning to mobilize. There are small groups of devils and followers around. He is in Bapar but will be in Fuedo soon.

And we received and invitation to meet the Royal Family in Bapar, how cool is that! I’ll have to get a new outfit to wear and compose a new song to play for them.

Song of Great Library of Has
by Yasmin Sybella Fell

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks
Through a portal we travel through
to a different plane with a different worldview.

Or a key with which we find
answers to questions crowding our mind.

Building a habit of learning and growing,
asking and researching till we reach knowing.

Here, we’ve fought bearded devils, the Traveller, and more
we’ve even learned to be more awesome and hardcore.

I think that I shall never see
a place that’s been more useful to me.

With encouraging kind friends with wit
Who tell me to dream big and never quit.

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks.



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