The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - May 6/12

We go thru the trap door in the floor of Grand Master’s chamber, follow the tunnel & find a room with an altar
It has traps & other dangers, which we all manage to avoid, and then we find another door
Once thru the door, we enter a hallway which Master Wong says looks & feels like a monk training area
Jermailyn tip toes around the traps while Yasmin sings to assist her
New Guy & I are a bit restless that we haven’t done much, so we act like back-up dancers for Yasmin
Heck, anything to get things moving in my mind
This is apparently distracting to have 2 half-orcs on battle gear dancing- and Jermailyn yells at us
No accounting for taste
There are giant swinging blades in the hallway which Jermailyn tries to shut off with a large lever thingy she finds. The first setting on the lever does NOT shut them off, nor does the second, third, or fourth
Apparently there is no ‘safe’ setting
Jermailyn assumes her demon form, flies to the end of the hallway & back to us, crashing in her hasty landing
She informs us of a very large mechanized guardian at the end of the hallway in a large chamber
As we still don’t know how to get us thru the traps, or how to get past the big guardian, we decide to not go forward right now
Jermailyn goes to find healing, Master Wong & I go to find food, Yasmin stays in Grand Master’s chambers
Master Chu shows up just as we are climbing up the ladder back into the chamber, agrees to join in guard duty with Yasmin
I promise Yasmin that I’ll relieve her in a few hours
I sleep a bit, relieve Yasmin & while we talk she whispers I should try to get information from Master Chu
Not sure how this is supposed to work
I’m better with intimidation than charm
I see Jermailyn’s imp & call out to him, startling the master monks doing a shift change
Thinking that they will likely be alarmed by me trying to explain that I’m talking to an arm bracer (if they can see him at all) I make up a lie about why I called out
In thanks for keeping his presence unknown, the imp makes very vulgar gestures & then flies out of the room
Rest of my watch is uneventful- New Guy takes over from me & I get more sleep
I am not stupid enough to NOT sleep in all my gear tho- I mean, knowing our track record…
Sure enough, at dawn a huge column of fire erupts from the ground just outside the front gate. A face in the fire demands the crystal & threatens us. Says they will return at midnight & rain down fire, etc., etc., Nothing we haven’t heard before

Party divides to prep & conquer
Yasmin investigates acolytes & priestess of the crystal
Jermailyn & New Guy (ok, Yoshi- I overheard his name) decide to try the trap door
tunnel again & see if they can locate the Grand Master
Yasmin does her communication spell again so we can all stay in touch with our progress
As for me…
I am in charge of setting up the armoring & defense of the monastery. Finally! Something
I’m very good at!

While I’m preparing, I get a communication from Yasmin. During her investigations she has discovered a traitor & is having trouble with him. Apparently her usual charms were ineffective & she is fighting him & needs my help
However, by the time I reach her she has killed the traitor- she didn’t need my help anyway
Shame we didn’t get to question him, though

Jermailyn’s Imp shows up & tells me she has found the Grand Master & is assisting in setting up the crystal’s defenses
For one, cuz she can be of help & two cuz she had to destroy some defenses to get to the Grand Master
Fair enough.

My plans for the monastery are as follows:
I am splitting defenses between two areas
The first is the courtyard & main gate (we had both an attack & the ‘message’ delivered at the gate, likely they will be there again)
The Grunkin will be above the 2nd floor roof, taking point at the main gate & the courtyard
On the ship will be the Captain, crew, 10 monks (who are on the weaker side, but will be out of the way & safer on the ship), and myself
I am hopeful that my vantage point will give me many, many targets to shoot at
A handful of higher level monks & Yoshi will be a line of defense in the courtyard (we can throw lines & haul them on the ship should things get ugly down below)
The second area is the Grand Master’s cabin
Jermailyn & her Imp, Yasmin & a few higher level monks will be hiding in the cabin
A few monks will be meditating in the yard in front of the cabin, in an effort to make the building seem more innocuous
Ya never know, the intelligence on most things we have battled so far hasn’t been very high—it’s possible they will believe there is nothing interesting in that building
And if they don’t believe… then the rest of my party won’t let anyone live to tell tales anyway

We were attacked on 2 fronts at the monastery before, in a few hours we will see if that happens again



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