The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - March 18/12

I spent the week we were waiting for answers from the vault in training, streamlining my gear, acquiring a bit more & getting to know OMMA
The information received was satisfactory to the party, now we have a direction, actually several for all the things we have been looking for
I am most especially interested in how to kill the last 2 lieutenants
One is a Kyton Prince & the other a Hellworm Dragon
Fancy names for ‘targets’
We spent an extra day than originally planned so Jermailyn & Auraus could get further details
Then we hired the Grunkin for 2 months. It was a lot of money, but time is really of the essence these days so it will be worth it. Well… I am assured of that anyway. (we are keeping the portable hole… I think that’s a sound decision)
I’m not crazy about being in close confinement with ‘Fluffy the ever annoying’ but since he seems to be staying away from me for now, I’ll deal with any future situations when they happen.
Kalid always told me not to borrow trouble- enough will find you just fine. I miss him. Wish I could talk to him about all my crazy adventures. Hear him laugh about me avoiding Fluffy. He would likely think Fluffy would be a good match for me, but not even his blessing would make me change my mind about that idiot.
Back to the task at hand… we have 44 days to be at the gate, just west of Tud. Since we need to take care of some things before that, the plan is to go south from Has to get the crystal that will potentially cause even more problems should Mr. Big Bad General get his claws on it. After that we go southeast to Mur’Gukido to get a dragon skull. This will provide us with another ally—and we need all we can get. Lastly we are going back to the capital to meet with the King, regroup & generally make our plan of attack for the battle at the gate
It will be strange to be back in P’Bapar. I haven’t been back there for a while. I will have to visit Kalid’s grave, maybe see how the guard captain is doing
I suppose I should also check if my mother is still alive, but I’m in no hurry
Speaking of checking on things, the party sends messages by various means to armies, other troops & allies to start heading to the gate
Then we are finally underway on the Grunkin
Not far into our journey Capt. Bartholomew comes to us warning of a major storm heading our way. We need to land & anchor the ship & wait it out. It’s too big & too strong to fly through
We trust his judgement, and all of assist in the anchoring when we land in the mountains
Plateau where we land shows signs of all kinds of wildlife & there is a gigantic cave there. Upon further inspection, the huge pile of snow in front of the cave opening, is in fact, an old pile of dragon bones. They have been picked over & gnawed at but there are some usable pieces
I take some dagger size pieces and give them to OMMA, asking him to see if he might be able to make some bolts with dragon bone tips. Never know what might work against a Hellworm Dragon
Griffin is shaking with excitement about some yeti tracks he points out. The way he talks this is his dream come true. He really wants to capture one & then train the thing. Geesh. (my goodness, that boy is dumb)
I’m not seeing his chances of success being great— because when he reads the inscription over the cave entrance, it makes him run away in fear
The others tell me the inscription is a spell… but Griffin is gonna hafta get a grip
There are stone guards smashed near the cave entrance, and tracks of at least 6 yetis that are fairly fresh, but the party wants to explore the cave
Jermailyn points out that if I stay with the ship, I’m in close quarters with Fluffy
Decision easily made- cave it is
We gear up & go exploring
As we travel down the main tunnel we notice stalagmites & stalactites have been forcibly broken off & dragged away by various means
I’m in the lead with Griffin near behind me
I find a trap just before we step into it
It’s a tarp over a pit, with cords running from the edges & up the walls. It looks to trigger many sharp heavy things to come crashing down should one trip it, or not disable it correctly
I try to disable it, but no success… but I don’t trip the trap either
Jermailyn disables it, and while she is I hear noises of movement down the tunnel & tell the party what I hear
Sound carries oddly in the tunnel, so we keep moving, just a bit more wary
About a mile down the tunnel we feel a breeze. Auraus tells us the breeze will get very strong, very fast (he does know all things wind). We notice there are holes 3 ft in diameter along the passage where the wind seems to be emanating from
The party dives into various holes, I hold onto the edge for a bit, but the wind becomes too strong & I dive into a hole
Turns out the holes run parallel to the tunnel to avoid wind
Auraus is curious so he sent one of the elementals he travels with to go check out the main tunnel & what caused the sudden freak wind storm. Apparently there is an elder air elemental in there preventing passage by anyone—so I for one are glad we are going around
The bypasses get back to the main tunnel & we carry on
Jermailyn & Yasmin suggest we slow down since we are all pretty sure the Yetis know we’re coming… but really the possibility of sneaking in is moot now
We all arrive together at a chamber with a few off-shoots of tunnels & the main tunnel carrying on directly across the chamber, like a roadway
By smell & visuals, this is a Yeti nest. I count 5 sets of red eyes staring at us from the dark
Griffin gets all excitable again… hefting his club… holding his net up & saying silly things like ‘we can get the middle one’
I turn to him & strongly encourage him to back off
He says I threatened him a lot… I say I made his choices REALLY clear
Yasmin tries to placate Griffin saying we can try to get one on the way out of the cave. Not sure what she meant by ‘we’
Yasmin then begins to sing, calming & fascinating the yetis
I try to plead with the Yetis, thanks to the worm in my head they can understand what I’m saying
“We mean you no harm, we just want safe passage through here. We have no wish to disturb your nest.”
Some sets of eyes are fascinated, but others feel threatened & attack
I try to yell ‘stop! Stop! We don’t want to hurt you’—but this inspires the yetis to think we are weak & shout that we will be easy prey
I am never weak & this will not be easy for anyone in this chamber
Auraus attacks with his sword
One of the yetis attacks me & hurts me quite badly, plus it’s getting colder in here
I roll to the side & then shoot & hit the Yeti who injured me
Yasmin casts a spell that lets me shoot more (yay!!)
Yeti I shot attacks Auraus
We hear sounds of more yeti battle cries, there are more coming
I shoot around Nick, hitting the Yeti 3 times, and doing enough damage that he’s very angry
Get in line buddy
Auraus takes down the one I was firing at, and then another
I shoot the last one standing (of the ones that attacked us anyway) hitting 2 of 3 times, hurting him
Auraus finishes off this one too, then 3 more yetis enter, screaming ragefully
If I found my nest in such a state I’d be furious too… but there is no time to reason with them
I shoot & hit all 3, one shot each
They attack the party
I shoot & hit all 3, one shot each – again
The party fights valiantly & there is only 2 left when I shoot again
One gets 2 bolts, the other gets one
Auraus finishes off the last of the attackers & another Yasmin had sung to sleep
Griffin ties a yeti up- he seems pleased. Yasmin stops singing now that the threat has passed
I can’t stay in the chamber
I look around & have a hard time of what a waste of life this all was
I say ‘well- that’s done’ & walk to the other side where the main tunnel continues

I need a few minutes alone



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