The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - April 29/12

After waiting out the storm & flying for a couple days we arrive at the monastery at mid-day. Should be interesting to try to garner trust from the monks quickly enough to get this crystal business sorted out
Seems we are expected, as there are people waiting for us upon our arrival
I’m a bit edgy that grappling hooks get thrown onto the ship, tying us down as we land
Yasmin sings why we are here- not sure why, but she does seem to like her audiences
Two of the greeting party introduce themselves as Master Sum Ting Wong (who greets us formally) and Master Fu Man Chu (who goes to prepare our rooms)
A large male half-orc wearing a Gi approaches the ship- Fluffy greets him happily, like they are family
Oh brother—there’s two of them!!!!!!!!!
Then Fluffy tries to do that stupid macho thing where he ‘claims’ me. He’s a jerk & an idiot.
Our party gets shown to our rooms, thankfully Fluffy stays with the ship
Jermailyn & I go to the bath house, after that display I need to have some privacy from any & all men
We are called down to dinner—it’s a quiet affair
I sit as far away as possible from ‘the new guy’ (cannot be bothered to learn his name)
Yasmin plays to yet another audience
I ask Master Wong when we can see the Grand Master , he replies ‘when it happens’ or something monk-like & cryptic that sounded like that
Party goes off to do their own thing, I head up to my room & hang out with OMMA
Alarm rings not much later, alerting compound to danger, tho we don’t know what kind yet
I grab my gear, head to courtyard where Grunkin is anchored, try to see what commotion is, but cannot see anything
I try to climb walls, no luck
I shout out to the courtyard “How do I get to the roof?”
No one answers right away, so I start towards the tallest building I can see
Then I hear noises & fighting at the main gate, so I change direction & head there
While running towards main gate, Griffin joins me
Not my first choice, but he knows enough to stay out of my way
Once I arrive at main gate, I open the viewing hatch & look through to the outside where the sounds originate
I see 3 bearded devils fighting 6 monks
I tell Griffin what’s out there & tell him to get the gate open- I’m covering the gate with my crossbow
The gate swings open, one of the devils lunges at Griffin, and the battle commences
Tougher monks join us eventually, which is good for the original 6 since they were having a very tough time
Yasmin joins us & sings her ‘haste’ spell—I love it when I get to shoot things more often!!
‘New Guy’ shows up at the end, in full armor, killing the last devil
Yasmin tries to heal some of the original 6 monks, with some success
I question why she even tries, since they were just cannon fodder
One of the tougher monks gives me a dirty look, starts to tell me all life is sacred & worth saving… blah, blah, blah
Whatever- I kinda tuned him out
I ask ‘New Guy’ if he knows where the grand master lives at the monastery, since we appear to be under attack & he will definitely need protection
He does know, so we pull the wounded & bodies inside, secure the gate & get on our way
By the time we reach the grand masters cabin, Jermailyn is just finishing off the last bearded devil
Apparently they were attacked by 5 devils, they killed 4 & 1 teleported away. Griffin, New Guy & I killed 3 plus a couple monks tell us they killed another
Yasmin says by her information that’s the entire force sent to attack us this time
The monks finally admit the grandmaster hasn’t been seen for a couple days, after entering his cabin for prayers
We explain how important it is we interrupt the prayers—they only begrudgingly agree
Jermailyn & New Guy break down the chamber door
The room is empty
Party searches room, while I hang back trying to keep my eyes open for anything else that may try to attack
They discover a trap door in the floor- New Guy opens it
Glittering powder fills the room & transports me to a different location. As soon as I figure out I’m in a maze, I get teleported back into the chamber
Masters Wong & Chu come in, get caught up on the current situation
Master Chu wants to go down the tunnel & look for the Grand Master, Master Wong believes the Grand Master can take care of himself
I suggest a search of the grounds to see if Grand Master can be found, to take place simultaneously to exploring where the trap door leads
Party decides to have monks search grounds, we all are to go into tunnel along with Master Chu—we will deliver messages magically to stay in touch
We’ll see how this plan works



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