The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - April 22/12

Down the hall from where the yeti nest was, I saw a single torch with blue flame that illuminated a panel on the other side of the hallway
The panel had chiseled words in Giant language telling a story of 7 frost giant brothers who came to kill the Wyrm that lived in the cave & claim its treasure
The names of the brothers are listed, and all have been crossed out save one – Barghest
The story mentions that the brothers took over & lived in the cave after defeating the Wyrm, but we have seen no evidence of anyone living or moving around this cave recently
Just past the panel we notice that it gets very very cold
Party decides the tunnel (& possible treasure) is worth investigating, so I go first as we continue down the tunnel, but within 10 ft I have taken damage from the cold
Yasmin suggests Jermailyn carry on down the tunnel to scout since she has some cold immunity- sounds good to me
I go back to the blue torch & wait with Yasmin, who begins to sing to provide a bit of extra cold protection to Jermailyn
Jermailyn returns saying the cold ends about 400 ft down the tunnel
We decide to jog thru the cold spot, with Yasmin singing for extra protection & we emerged unscathed
Further down the tunnel past the cold spot, we began to hear singing—Yasmin tells us it’s atone-less, slurred dirge being sung by a single person even though the voice sounds like several people
We approach a widening in the tunnel quietly & cautiously
We come to what looks like an old dragon cave
There is a frost giant pacing back & forth, singing of great loss
When Yasmin cast a spell, the giant heard her & threw a huge ice piece that he took from a pouch at his belt
It smashed the rock wall near Jermailyn. (Wow… tough ice.)
Yasmin convinces the giant we are there to hear the tale of he & his brothers
He eventually invites us to sit at the table while he tells us their story. The table has frozen giants in various poses & in various conditions (some definitely looked like they had been quite brutally attacked before being frozen in place)
During Barghest’s tale we become aware that the giant has gone crazy from being alone so long. We also figure out that the reason he’s alone is that he has murdered his brothers over the years when he suspected they were stealing treasure
Jermailyn goes back to the hallway we came in, saying she needs the facilities
Barghest hears noises from the hallway & gets agitated
I begin to move around the table, endeavoring to get to a more open area
At the end of the table I notice that the two frozen giants are actually zombies, and are starting to wake up & move
The party’s and my movement tips Barghet’s rage over the edge & he bellows & charges at me with his axe, hurting me a bit
I roll away, load by heavy crossbow & shoot a sizzling bolt at the zombie that is now attacking me (the shot was true)
Aren’t I just the unpopular one
I open OMMA’s case, asking him for a flame bolt & he goes to his pocket dimension to retrieve it
I spend the next while moving & tumbling around the room, shooting at both the giant & the zombies with varying degrees of success
It’s a long battle, but we triumph eventually
Thanks to the portable hole we acquired, we are able to take a large amount of treasure with us – but when we are loading the portable hole we discover that the book that was being used by the demons to communicate is no longer in said hole
This is not good
What is good is that I got some very nice dragon hide armour that makes me resist cold, a nice dagger & I asked Yasmin to pick out a nice piece of costume jewellery & set it aside for my mother
When we get back to the capital & if my mother is still alive (and sober enough to talk to me) I will try to give her something she can either wear, or pawn when she runs out of money
I have no idea if she will be receptive, but I will try to make an effort
Time to head back to the Grunkin & wait out whatever is left of the storm
The party does notice that the tunnel carries on after this chamber, but we all have had enough & want a good rest on the ship



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