The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

After the Battle of Bulvidu

After the Battle of Bulvidu
by Yasmin Sybilla Fell and Gabe, Minstrel of Bulvidu

There was a great ceremony in Bulvidu

To thank the heroes

Kryspyn, Aurus Kal’tha’mar

Yasmin Sybilla Fell, Jermailyn AKalakar, T’val

And others

for saving their town

But their job was not yet done

The cultist tried again

To open the Death Knight’s tomb

He threw a fireball into the crowd

A brave dragon jumped in front to take the blast

The cultist entered the church

He put up a wall of fire

People got a little singed

But we persevered

And he was stopped for sure

That tomb sure attracts the crazies

It will need to be protected

Cultists will keep trying to open it

Maybe the passageway should be magically sealed and blocked,

The basement collapsed or something.

Something so people can’t get to it again.

We call upon the brave and loyal citizens of Bulvidu

To be ever vigilant and

guard the tomb

So the Death Knight will never again walk the land.

Yasmin and gabe*



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