The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

A Great Storm Cometh

Over the course of the past 6 weeks, the flicking yellow light of the massive gem had come to feel almost normal. Despite the dire implications regarding the prophecy, the sickening light had been emanating for long enough that it no longer rolled the stomach of the High Priestess, or the monks within the monastery below her tower. That feeling of normality was what sickened her most. It meant that the forces of Hell were growing stronger upon the land, and she could see no way to stop them.

The monks who guarded her temple had been working had over the weeks since the light had begun to throb. They strengthened their walls, mounted extra guards, distributed ancient relics of power upon their greatest masters, and intensified their training. Yet still she feared it would not be enough when; not if, but when the Hell Spawn fell upon them to steal that which she had guarded for her entire natural life.

The High Priestess was even more disturbed by events the night previous. It was a secret that very few knew, but her personal maid was occasionally given to fits of prophecy. The poor girl herself wasn’t even aware of her fits, as the removed themselves from her memory upon recovery, she simply believed that she had a sleeping sickness, and kind mistress who didn’t mind the occasional lapses in her duties. However last night had been something different. A vision so powerful that the girl had retained some brief memory, and required the day off due to her profound distress. It had occurred just as the Priestess was getting ready for bed, and about to dismiss the girl for the night. It happened suddenly, and without the typical warning signs which indicated a coming vision. There was a gust of wind which burst open the tightly closed shutters, and the girl was abruptly floating about 6 inches above the floor (which had never happened before). When she spoke, the wind pulled her hair tightly in all directions, as if she herself were the origin of the wind. Her voice seemed to chill the air, and her words were almost blown away by the gale.

She spoke of a storm forming on the horizon; one which stretched all the way across the sky. She described that at it grew, it would sweep across them as it devoured everything in its path. Its coming would be heralded by the destruction of the monastery, and the blood of those within its walls. Even worse was that which she foretold after; the one part she had remembered. “The stone will be taken, and choise given – destroying the gem will save the kingdom, but by destroying the gem the kingdom will fall. Or save the gem and save the kingdom, but by saving the gem, the kingdom will burn. Only by choosing correctly can disaster be averted” It was an choice with no good ending, no choise at all, yet it was somehow vastly important to make the correct decision.

All this troubled the Priestess greatly. she knew the monks would gladly sacrifice themselves to protect their duty, but if they were going to die no matter what; it would be vitally important that it not be for nothing…She thought long and hard before requesting an audience with the Grandmaster. They had plans to make.



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