The Chronicles of GrimmGale & Co.

Diary of Teval - May 6/12

We go thru the trap door in the floor of Grand Master’s chamber, follow the tunnel & find a room with an altar
It has traps & other dangers, which we all manage to avoid, and then we find another door
Once thru the door, we enter a hallway which Master Wong says looks & feels like a monk training area
Jermailyn tip toes around the traps while Yasmin sings to assist her
New Guy & I are a bit restless that we haven’t done much, so we act like back-up dancers for Yasmin
Heck, anything to get things moving in my mind
This is apparently distracting to have 2 half-orcs on battle gear dancing- and Jermailyn yells at us
No accounting for taste
There are giant swinging blades in the hallway which Jermailyn tries to shut off with a large lever thingy she finds. The first setting on the lever does NOT shut them off, nor does the second, third, or fourth
Apparently there is no ‘safe’ setting
Jermailyn assumes her demon form, flies to the end of the hallway & back to us, crashing in her hasty landing
She informs us of a very large mechanized guardian at the end of the hallway in a large chamber
As we still don’t know how to get us thru the traps, or how to get past the big guardian, we decide to not go forward right now
Jermailyn goes to find healing, Master Wong & I go to find food, Yasmin stays in Grand Master’s chambers
Master Chu shows up just as we are climbing up the ladder back into the chamber, agrees to join in guard duty with Yasmin
I promise Yasmin that I’ll relieve her in a few hours
I sleep a bit, relieve Yasmin & while we talk she whispers I should try to get information from Master Chu
Not sure how this is supposed to work
I’m better with intimidation than charm
I see Jermailyn’s imp & call out to him, startling the master monks doing a shift change
Thinking that they will likely be alarmed by me trying to explain that I’m talking to an arm bracer (if they can see him at all) I make up a lie about why I called out
In thanks for keeping his presence unknown, the imp makes very vulgar gestures & then flies out of the room
Rest of my watch is uneventful- New Guy takes over from me & I get more sleep
I am not stupid enough to NOT sleep in all my gear tho- I mean, knowing our track record…
Sure enough, at dawn a huge column of fire erupts from the ground just outside the front gate. A face in the fire demands the crystal & threatens us. Says they will return at midnight & rain down fire, etc., etc., Nothing we haven’t heard before

Party divides to prep & conquer
Yasmin investigates acolytes & priestess of the crystal
Jermailyn & New Guy (ok, Yoshi- I overheard his name) decide to try the trap door
tunnel again & see if they can locate the Grand Master
Yasmin does her communication spell again so we can all stay in touch with our progress
As for me…
I am in charge of setting up the armoring & defense of the monastery. Finally! Something
I’m very good at!

While I’m preparing, I get a communication from Yasmin. During her investigations she has discovered a traitor & is having trouble with him. Apparently her usual charms were ineffective & she is fighting him & needs my help
However, by the time I reach her she has killed the traitor- she didn’t need my help anyway
Shame we didn’t get to question him, though

Jermailyn’s Imp shows up & tells me she has found the Grand Master & is assisting in setting up the crystal’s defenses
For one, cuz she can be of help & two cuz she had to destroy some defenses to get to the Grand Master
Fair enough.

My plans for the monastery are as follows:
I am splitting defenses between two areas
The first is the courtyard & main gate (we had both an attack & the ‘message’ delivered at the gate, likely they will be there again)
The Grunkin will be above the 2nd floor roof, taking point at the main gate & the courtyard
On the ship will be the Captain, crew, 10 monks (who are on the weaker side, but will be out of the way & safer on the ship), and myself
I am hopeful that my vantage point will give me many, many targets to shoot at
A handful of higher level monks & Yoshi will be a line of defense in the courtyard (we can throw lines & haul them on the ship should things get ugly down below)
The second area is the Grand Master’s cabin
Jermailyn & her Imp, Yasmin & a few higher level monks will be hiding in the cabin
A few monks will be meditating in the yard in front of the cabin, in an effort to make the building seem more innocuous
Ya never know, the intelligence on most things we have battled so far hasn’t been very high—it’s possible they will believe there is nothing interesting in that building
And if they don’t believe… then the rest of my party won’t let anyone live to tell tales anyway

We were attacked on 2 fronts at the monastery before, in a few hours we will see if that happens again

Pressing Forward

Luxsantorum raised his shield arm to catch the incoming arrow barrage. The sound of the wooden shafts shattering upon its surface echoing like children firecrackers in the night. The men behind him crouched in the cover he provided; each of them with their own crossbow held ready to fire. He took another step forwards, this time shifting slightly away from the rock wall to create a narrow gap in the cover. Immediately the soldiers behind him fired up at the archers positioned on the lip of the ravine.

The heroes had finally come through with the location of the gate, and the task had fallen to him to lead the army to to battle. It was fortunate that word had spread well enough in advance. The advance warning combined with the proof of the assault on Bulvidu had been enough for the King to command the armies of P’Bapar to mobilize. In the current time to mobilize, they had gathered over 10,000 soldiers, and another 100 paladins from the Fuwido Military Academy, and a further 15 mages, and 20 eagle riders from the Secret Library of Has. Luxsantorum still held some hope that Jermailyn still might convince her dragon to join the fight, but the beast was so young, its effectiveness, and will to fight were in doubt. Against an army from Hell, the numbers would be inconsequential; however if the party could prevent the General from using the Crystal, they just might prevail against a smaller force.

Now though, since the gate’s location had been discovered, he just had to get the men to the battleground. This unfortunately would be much harder than anticipated. The location in question is deep in the rugged mountains. Trails to its location are rough and narrow, thus eliminating even the possibility of siege weapons or heavy cavalry. Luxsantorum shook his head, it would be optimistic to even count on light cavalry. He’d have to use mule trains to supply his men, and that would prove costly indeed. He could use the mages to help assist in travel, however using them in this way only worked for a limited number of men, and used up the mage’s ability to defend the rest of the column. This was especially necessary, as it seemed that the mysterious Birdman had raised a significant force of cultists and mercenary’s. He not only had to contend with the terrain, but also with ambushes and guerrilla raids on his men.

As the men behind him took care of the last of the archers, Luxsantorum pushed forwards up the mountain trail, knocking one cultist over the edge with his shield, and spitting another with his spear arm. There was no question that he would make it to the gate, it was only a matter of how many men he’d bring with him.

Diary of Teval - April 29/12

After waiting out the storm & flying for a couple days we arrive at the monastery at mid-day. Should be interesting to try to garner trust from the monks quickly enough to get this crystal business sorted out
Seems we are expected, as there are people waiting for us upon our arrival
I’m a bit edgy that grappling hooks get thrown onto the ship, tying us down as we land
Yasmin sings why we are here- not sure why, but she does seem to like her audiences
Two of the greeting party introduce themselves as Master Sum Ting Wong (who greets us formally) and Master Fu Man Chu (who goes to prepare our rooms)
A large male half-orc wearing a Gi approaches the ship- Fluffy greets him happily, like they are family
Oh brother—there’s two of them!!!!!!!!!
Then Fluffy tries to do that stupid macho thing where he ‘claims’ me. He’s a jerk & an idiot.
Our party gets shown to our rooms, thankfully Fluffy stays with the ship
Jermailyn & I go to the bath house, after that display I need to have some privacy from any & all men
We are called down to dinner—it’s a quiet affair
I sit as far away as possible from ‘the new guy’ (cannot be bothered to learn his name)
Yasmin plays to yet another audience
I ask Master Wong when we can see the Grand Master , he replies ‘when it happens’ or something monk-like & cryptic that sounded like that
Party goes off to do their own thing, I head up to my room & hang out with OMMA
Alarm rings not much later, alerting compound to danger, tho we don’t know what kind yet
I grab my gear, head to courtyard where Grunkin is anchored, try to see what commotion is, but cannot see anything
I try to climb walls, no luck
I shout out to the courtyard “How do I get to the roof?”
No one answers right away, so I start towards the tallest building I can see
Then I hear noises & fighting at the main gate, so I change direction & head there
While running towards main gate, Griffin joins me
Not my first choice, but he knows enough to stay out of my way
Once I arrive at main gate, I open the viewing hatch & look through to the outside where the sounds originate
I see 3 bearded devils fighting 6 monks
I tell Griffin what’s out there & tell him to get the gate open- I’m covering the gate with my crossbow
The gate swings open, one of the devils lunges at Griffin, and the battle commences
Tougher monks join us eventually, which is good for the original 6 since they were having a very tough time
Yasmin joins us & sings her ‘haste’ spell—I love it when I get to shoot things more often!!
‘New Guy’ shows up at the end, in full armor, killing the last devil
Yasmin tries to heal some of the original 6 monks, with some success
I question why she even tries, since they were just cannon fodder
One of the tougher monks gives me a dirty look, starts to tell me all life is sacred & worth saving… blah, blah, blah
Whatever- I kinda tuned him out
I ask ‘New Guy’ if he knows where the grand master lives at the monastery, since we appear to be under attack & he will definitely need protection
He does know, so we pull the wounded & bodies inside, secure the gate & get on our way
By the time we reach the grand masters cabin, Jermailyn is just finishing off the last bearded devil
Apparently they were attacked by 5 devils, they killed 4 & 1 teleported away. Griffin, New Guy & I killed 3 plus a couple monks tell us they killed another
Yasmin says by her information that’s the entire force sent to attack us this time
The monks finally admit the grandmaster hasn’t been seen for a couple days, after entering his cabin for prayers
We explain how important it is we interrupt the prayers—they only begrudgingly agree
Jermailyn & New Guy break down the chamber door
The room is empty
Party searches room, while I hang back trying to keep my eyes open for anything else that may try to attack
They discover a trap door in the floor- New Guy opens it
Glittering powder fills the room & transports me to a different location. As soon as I figure out I’m in a maze, I get teleported back into the chamber
Masters Wong & Chu come in, get caught up on the current situation
Master Chu wants to go down the tunnel & look for the Grand Master, Master Wong believes the Grand Master can take care of himself
I suggest a search of the grounds to see if Grand Master can be found, to take place simultaneously to exploring where the trap door leads
Party decides to have monks search grounds, we all are to go into tunnel along with Master Chu—we will deliver messages magically to stay in touch
We’ll see how this plan works

Diary of Teval - April 22/12

Down the hall from where the yeti nest was, I saw a single torch with blue flame that illuminated a panel on the other side of the hallway
The panel had chiseled words in Giant language telling a story of 7 frost giant brothers who came to kill the Wyrm that lived in the cave & claim its treasure
The names of the brothers are listed, and all have been crossed out save one – Barghest
The story mentions that the brothers took over & lived in the cave after defeating the Wyrm, but we have seen no evidence of anyone living or moving around this cave recently
Just past the panel we notice that it gets very very cold
Party decides the tunnel (& possible treasure) is worth investigating, so I go first as we continue down the tunnel, but within 10 ft I have taken damage from the cold
Yasmin suggests Jermailyn carry on down the tunnel to scout since she has some cold immunity- sounds good to me
I go back to the blue torch & wait with Yasmin, who begins to sing to provide a bit of extra cold protection to Jermailyn
Jermailyn returns saying the cold ends about 400 ft down the tunnel
We decide to jog thru the cold spot, with Yasmin singing for extra protection & we emerged unscathed
Further down the tunnel past the cold spot, we began to hear singing—Yasmin tells us it’s atone-less, slurred dirge being sung by a single person even though the voice sounds like several people
We approach a widening in the tunnel quietly & cautiously
We come to what looks like an old dragon cave
There is a frost giant pacing back & forth, singing of great loss
When Yasmin cast a spell, the giant heard her & threw a huge ice piece that he took from a pouch at his belt
It smashed the rock wall near Jermailyn. (Wow… tough ice.)
Yasmin convinces the giant we are there to hear the tale of he & his brothers
He eventually invites us to sit at the table while he tells us their story. The table has frozen giants in various poses & in various conditions (some definitely looked like they had been quite brutally attacked before being frozen in place)
During Barghest’s tale we become aware that the giant has gone crazy from being alone so long. We also figure out that the reason he’s alone is that he has murdered his brothers over the years when he suspected they were stealing treasure
Jermailyn goes back to the hallway we came in, saying she needs the facilities
Barghest hears noises from the hallway & gets agitated
I begin to move around the table, endeavoring to get to a more open area
At the end of the table I notice that the two frozen giants are actually zombies, and are starting to wake up & move
The party’s and my movement tips Barghet’s rage over the edge & he bellows & charges at me with his axe, hurting me a bit
I roll away, load by heavy crossbow & shoot a sizzling bolt at the zombie that is now attacking me (the shot was true)
Aren’t I just the unpopular one
I open OMMA’s case, asking him for a flame bolt & he goes to his pocket dimension to retrieve it
I spend the next while moving & tumbling around the room, shooting at both the giant & the zombies with varying degrees of success
It’s a long battle, but we triumph eventually
Thanks to the portable hole we acquired, we are able to take a large amount of treasure with us – but when we are loading the portable hole we discover that the book that was being used by the demons to communicate is no longer in said hole
This is not good
What is good is that I got some very nice dragon hide armour that makes me resist cold, a nice dagger & I asked Yasmin to pick out a nice piece of costume jewellery & set it aside for my mother
When we get back to the capital & if my mother is still alive (and sober enough to talk to me) I will try to give her something she can either wear, or pawn when she runs out of money
I have no idea if she will be receptive, but I will try to make an effort
Time to head back to the Grunkin & wait out whatever is left of the storm
The party does notice that the tunnel carries on after this chamber, but we all have had enough & want a good rest on the ship

Diary of Teval - March 18/12

I spent the week we were waiting for answers from the vault in training, streamlining my gear, acquiring a bit more & getting to know OMMA
The information received was satisfactory to the party, now we have a direction, actually several for all the things we have been looking for
I am most especially interested in how to kill the last 2 lieutenants
One is a Kyton Prince & the other a Hellworm Dragon
Fancy names for ‘targets’
We spent an extra day than originally planned so Jermailyn & Auraus could get further details
Then we hired the Grunkin for 2 months. It was a lot of money, but time is really of the essence these days so it will be worth it. Well… I am assured of that anyway. (we are keeping the portable hole… I think that’s a sound decision)
I’m not crazy about being in close confinement with ‘Fluffy the ever annoying’ but since he seems to be staying away from me for now, I’ll deal with any future situations when they happen.
Kalid always told me not to borrow trouble- enough will find you just fine. I miss him. Wish I could talk to him about all my crazy adventures. Hear him laugh about me avoiding Fluffy. He would likely think Fluffy would be a good match for me, but not even his blessing would make me change my mind about that idiot.
Back to the task at hand… we have 44 days to be at the gate, just west of Tud. Since we need to take care of some things before that, the plan is to go south from Has to get the crystal that will potentially cause even more problems should Mr. Big Bad General get his claws on it. After that we go southeast to Mur’Gukido to get a dragon skull. This will provide us with another ally—and we need all we can get. Lastly we are going back to the capital to meet with the King, regroup & generally make our plan of attack for the battle at the gate
It will be strange to be back in P’Bapar. I haven’t been back there for a while. I will have to visit Kalid’s grave, maybe see how the guard captain is doing
I suppose I should also check if my mother is still alive, but I’m in no hurry
Speaking of checking on things, the party sends messages by various means to armies, other troops & allies to start heading to the gate
Then we are finally underway on the Grunkin
Not far into our journey Capt. Bartholomew comes to us warning of a major storm heading our way. We need to land & anchor the ship & wait it out. It’s too big & too strong to fly through
We trust his judgement, and all of assist in the anchoring when we land in the mountains
Plateau where we land shows signs of all kinds of wildlife & there is a gigantic cave there. Upon further inspection, the huge pile of snow in front of the cave opening, is in fact, an old pile of dragon bones. They have been picked over & gnawed at but there are some usable pieces
I take some dagger size pieces and give them to OMMA, asking him to see if he might be able to make some bolts with dragon bone tips. Never know what might work against a Hellworm Dragon
Griffin is shaking with excitement about some yeti tracks he points out. The way he talks this is his dream come true. He really wants to capture one & then train the thing. Geesh. (my goodness, that boy is dumb)
I’m not seeing his chances of success being great— because when he reads the inscription over the cave entrance, it makes him run away in fear
The others tell me the inscription is a spell… but Griffin is gonna hafta get a grip
There are stone guards smashed near the cave entrance, and tracks of at least 6 yetis that are fairly fresh, but the party wants to explore the cave
Jermailyn points out that if I stay with the ship, I’m in close quarters with Fluffy
Decision easily made- cave it is
We gear up & go exploring
As we travel down the main tunnel we notice stalagmites & stalactites have been forcibly broken off & dragged away by various means
I’m in the lead with Griffin near behind me
I find a trap just before we step into it
It’s a tarp over a pit, with cords running from the edges & up the walls. It looks to trigger many sharp heavy things to come crashing down should one trip it, or not disable it correctly
I try to disable it, but no success… but I don’t trip the trap either
Jermailyn disables it, and while she is I hear noises of movement down the tunnel & tell the party what I hear
Sound carries oddly in the tunnel, so we keep moving, just a bit more wary
About a mile down the tunnel we feel a breeze. Auraus tells us the breeze will get very strong, very fast (he does know all things wind). We notice there are holes 3 ft in diameter along the passage where the wind seems to be emanating from
The party dives into various holes, I hold onto the edge for a bit, but the wind becomes too strong & I dive into a hole
Turns out the holes run parallel to the tunnel to avoid wind
Auraus is curious so he sent one of the elementals he travels with to go check out the main tunnel & what caused the sudden freak wind storm. Apparently there is an elder air elemental in there preventing passage by anyone—so I for one are glad we are going around
The bypasses get back to the main tunnel & we carry on
Jermailyn & Yasmin suggest we slow down since we are all pretty sure the Yetis know we’re coming… but really the possibility of sneaking in is moot now
We all arrive together at a chamber with a few off-shoots of tunnels & the main tunnel carrying on directly across the chamber, like a roadway
By smell & visuals, this is a Yeti nest. I count 5 sets of red eyes staring at us from the dark
Griffin gets all excitable again… hefting his club… holding his net up & saying silly things like ‘we can get the middle one’
I turn to him & strongly encourage him to back off
He says I threatened him a lot… I say I made his choices REALLY clear
Yasmin tries to placate Griffin saying we can try to get one on the way out of the cave. Not sure what she meant by ‘we’
Yasmin then begins to sing, calming & fascinating the yetis
I try to plead with the Yetis, thanks to the worm in my head they can understand what I’m saying
“We mean you no harm, we just want safe passage through here. We have no wish to disturb your nest.”
Some sets of eyes are fascinated, but others feel threatened & attack
I try to yell ‘stop! Stop! We don’t want to hurt you’—but this inspires the yetis to think we are weak & shout that we will be easy prey
I am never weak & this will not be easy for anyone in this chamber
Auraus attacks with his sword
One of the yetis attacks me & hurts me quite badly, plus it’s getting colder in here
I roll to the side & then shoot & hit the Yeti who injured me
Yasmin casts a spell that lets me shoot more (yay!!)
Yeti I shot attacks Auraus
We hear sounds of more yeti battle cries, there are more coming
I shoot around Nick, hitting the Yeti 3 times, and doing enough damage that he’s very angry
Get in line buddy
Auraus takes down the one I was firing at, and then another
I shoot the last one standing (of the ones that attacked us anyway) hitting 2 of 3 times, hurting him
Auraus finishes off this one too, then 3 more yetis enter, screaming ragefully
If I found my nest in such a state I’d be furious too… but there is no time to reason with them
I shoot & hit all 3, one shot each
They attack the party
I shoot & hit all 3, one shot each – again
The party fights valiantly & there is only 2 left when I shoot again
One gets 2 bolts, the other gets one
Auraus finishes off the last of the attackers & another Yasmin had sung to sleep
Griffin ties a yeti up- he seems pleased. Yasmin stops singing now that the threat has passed
I can’t stay in the chamber
I look around & have a hard time of what a waste of life this all was
I say ‘well- that’s done’ & walk to the other side where the main tunnel continues

I need a few minutes alone

A Great Storm Cometh

Over the course of the past 6 weeks, the flicking yellow light of the massive gem had come to feel almost normal. Despite the dire implications regarding the prophecy, the sickening light had been emanating for long enough that it no longer rolled the stomach of the High Priestess, or the monks within the monastery below her tower. That feeling of normality was what sickened her most. It meant that the forces of Hell were growing stronger upon the land, and she could see no way to stop them.

The monks who guarded her temple had been working had over the weeks since the light had begun to throb. They strengthened their walls, mounted extra guards, distributed ancient relics of power upon their greatest masters, and intensified their training. Yet still she feared it would not be enough when; not if, but when the Hell Spawn fell upon them to steal that which she had guarded for her entire natural life.

The High Priestess was even more disturbed by events the night previous. It was a secret that very few knew, but her personal maid was occasionally given to fits of prophecy. The poor girl herself wasn’t even aware of her fits, as the removed themselves from her memory upon recovery, she simply believed that she had a sleeping sickness, and kind mistress who didn’t mind the occasional lapses in her duties. However last night had been something different. A vision so powerful that the girl had retained some brief memory, and required the day off due to her profound distress. It had occurred just as the Priestess was getting ready for bed, and about to dismiss the girl for the night. It happened suddenly, and without the typical warning signs which indicated a coming vision. There was a gust of wind which burst open the tightly closed shutters, and the girl was abruptly floating about 6 inches above the floor (which had never happened before). When she spoke, the wind pulled her hair tightly in all directions, as if she herself were the origin of the wind. Her voice seemed to chill the air, and her words were almost blown away by the gale.

She spoke of a storm forming on the horizon; one which stretched all the way across the sky. She described that at it grew, it would sweep across them as it devoured everything in its path. Its coming would be heralded by the destruction of the monastery, and the blood of those within its walls. Even worse was that which she foretold after; the one part she had remembered. “The stone will be taken, and choise given – destroying the gem will save the kingdom, but by destroying the gem the kingdom will fall. Or save the gem and save the kingdom, but by saving the gem, the kingdom will burn. Only by choosing correctly can disaster be averted” It was an choice with no good ending, no choise at all, yet it was somehow vastly important to make the correct decision.

All this troubled the Priestess greatly. she knew the monks would gladly sacrifice themselves to protect their duty, but if they were going to die no matter what; it would be vitally important that it not be for nothing…She thought long and hard before requesting an audience with the Grandmaster. They had plans to make.

Secret Library Room on Another Plane

Library room on another plane
We got to go to the secret room of the Library of Has. It was in another plane! I bet very few people have gotten to go in that room. It was so cool!

Soon we’ll have the information that we have searched in the library for, I hope we are able to move quickly and use the information to our advantage.

I have to say that this university is a great place to perform, these students and teachers are a very receptive audience! The Headmaster’s gifts were very very nice. I am definitely looking forward to trying out my harp.

I’m glad we’re continuing to travel on the Grunkin. Things will likely be testy between Fluffy and Teval for a while, but it is a big ship, I’m sure she’ll be able to avoid him.

And we finally hear from Thaddeus Grimm. How nice of him to keep in touch, sigh. He says he is in touch with the king’s army and they are beginning to mobilize. There are small groups of devils and followers around. He is in Bapar but will be in Fuedo soon.

And we received and invitation to meet the Royal Family in Bapar, how cool is that! I’ll have to get a new outfit to wear and compose a new song to play for them.

Song of Great Library of Has
by Yasmin Sybella Fell

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks
Through a portal we travel through
to a different plane with a different worldview.

Or a key with which we find
answers to questions crowding our mind.

Building a habit of learning and growing,
asking and researching till we reach knowing.

Here, we’ve fought bearded devils, the Traveller, and more
we’ve even learned to be more awesome and hardcore.

I think that I shall never see
a place that’s been more useful to me.

With encouraging kind friends with wit
Who tell me to dream big and never quit.

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks.

Teval - Woman Warrior

Rose with thorns
Teval – Woman Warrior

Poem Commissioned By Fluffy for Teval

Who are you Teval?
Teval, you are the woman I observe
Marching through the molten black turmoil
With a torch that ignites the scope of dark
Burning a fire from the depths of your soul
That fights evil, devils and corruption.

Love? I say I know love
After knowing you Teval
I have found love in your exploits
How you can skewer the enemy from any distance.
I have found love in silver tipped arrows and verbal exchanges
Wooed and charmed by your strong and warrior gestures.
But this love that has struck flame within me
Is a raging inferno… yet it is also a soothing zephyr

I wish that you would notice me,
That you would see more for who I am.
I will walk with a humble gaze,
And allow happiness to envelope my heart.
I will walk in rags and patches if need be.
I will live, learn and breathe for you,
Whatever you wish of me, I will be for you.

You are a woman of delicate steel,
A body fine-spun with equal fragility
And equal strength.
You are a female warrior
On the battlefield of life.
Your bravery warms my heart,
I hope your heart will be warmed to me.
I wait, I breathe, I hope.

I am a Blood Lord, Coo coo cha coo

I am a Blood Lord? What does that even mean? The spirit of the Librarian gave me that strange musical book that told me about the history of the blood lords. I will have to continue to study the book and try to get as much information as possible. When I used the Book of Blood, I felt a part of myself flow through the book. There was power that flowed through me. I was able to return the Librarian’s spirit to his body. I did that. Me. Yasmin Sybella Fell. I wonder what else I can do. I am reluctant to use this power too much. I think that it might be a lot of power and responsibility for one person to have. I need to find out if there are other blood lords around and find out what they know.

It felt, I don’t know, I don’t know how best to describe it. I was able to alter reality and force the body and spirit to be reunited. I believe it was the right thing to do, we had to save/restore the librarian and get the information we need to complete our mission.

It was great to have Auraus back and we all managed to defeat the Traveller, the devils and the rest of their minions in the library and now we’re about to get into a super secret, on a different plane or something, secret room in the library that the librarian claims will have the information that we need about the gate, the gem and who knows what else we will find?
Lux Santorum needs healing, his wisdom is severely impaired right now. I know what that is like; his judgment will be very impaired. I admit I am tempted to flirt with him and attempt a seduction, but it would be too easy and not ethical really. I will try to do it when he has been restored to health, I need a challenge after all.

I know it is super important and not to be taken lightly, but when I find myself over thinking things or being too serious, I have to sing to myself, “I am a Blood Lord, Coo coo cha coo," and that calms me right down.

Yasmin as lord of blood


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